Fox News Is Now Trying To Blame Cultural Diversity For Gun Violence (VIDEO)

Believe it or not, Fox News is trying to blame the Charleston shooting on the “different cultures” that make up the United States. Fox News has always been a media outlet that that presents their audience with coded versions of white supremacist narratives but this time they decided to go full racist and manage to make their network sound like a televised version of a white supremacist internet forum.

The topic of President Obama’s comments on gun control came up during a segment of America’s Newsroom. The show’s host, Martha MacCallum, attempted to twist the words of President Obama to make him sound as if he admitted that creating new gun control laws was an impossibility. The conversation then moved into a discussion on the possible reasons that the United States has so much gun related violence compared to European nations.

Rather than discussing the different gun regulations that exist in those nations, host Martha MacCallum decides to blame gun related violence on the cultural diversity. MacCullum says:

“Now it may be statistically, Mary Katherine, that it has happened here more. That may be because of the kind of society we are. We have a lot of different cultures living here together. We’re a very unique society and that’s a very wonderful thing, in large part. But that may be a contributing factor here.”

Katherine responds, saying:

“Well I think this is the puzzle that is America, right. We have many, many different people living here, we have lots and lots of freedom, often more than many other countries and that means inherently, we are going to face risks that other countries don’t. But it’s not true that these things don’t happen in other countries.”

Cultural and racial diversity is viewed as a means of committing genocide against the white race by white supremacists. There is currently a billboard and social media campaign being orchestrated by racists that makes the same claim as McCullum and Katherine. Either directly or indirectly, we have yet again seen that the right-wing media serves as a megaphone for racist narratives that are helping to spread racially motivated violence against communities of color, such as the one that took place last Wednesday in South Carolina.

You can watch the segment in full, below.

Featured Image Credit: Screenshot via Media Matters.