LAPD Shoots Unarmed Man Who Flagged Them Down For Help (VIDEO)

An unarmed man who apparently flagged down two police officers in Los Angeles, California for help, was shot three times by those officers, once in the head. Bystanders captured video of police following ‘standard procedure,’ rolling the bloody, motionless body of the shooting victim onto his back, placing his hands in cuffs, and chatting nonchalantly all the while.

According to police, the unidentified man flagged down police at about 6:30 pm on Friday, June 19. His arm was wrapped in a towel. Police responded by telling him to ‘Drop the gun!’ When he ‘failed to comply with the order’ they shot him three times.

Our public servants at work, protecting and serving the citizens of Los Angeles County.

This man was shot for having his arm wrapped in a towel. Why was his arm wrapped in a towel? Was he burned? Was he cut and bleeding? Did he sever a finger? Witnesses say he flagged down the cops because he needed help. These cops did not even bother to ask if he needed help. Instead they shouted ‘Drop the gun’. Then they shot him, not once but three times.

After riddling his body with bullets, the cops continued to ‘protect and serve’ this citizen by putting his lifeless body in handcuffs. Two witnesses captured cell phone video of the officers casually rolling over the man, who appears to have been shot in the head, before cuffing his hands behind his back. They provide him with absolutely no medical attention.

Here’s the video, posted to youtube by Police Brutality.

(It seems worth noting that you don’t see a towel on the man’s arm or anywhere near the scene.)

(Warning this video contains extremely graphic images.)

As we can see from the video, this man’s life is of absolutely no concern to these cops. Neither is yours. Neither is mine. If you’re not one of them, you’re worthless scum.

Police in Los Angeles County have killed at least one person a week, every week, since the year 2000. Well over 600 American citizens. That figure doesn’t include the hundreds of others who have been shot and wounded by these cops, but who survived the encounter.

According to a report from the Youth 4 Justice Coalition, 82 percent of the people killed by law enforcement in Los Angeles County are black or Latino.

The cops want you to know they’re investigating the above officer-involved shooting, to determine if the cops were ‘justified’ when they shot an unarmed man in need of help. Don’t worry, they’ll leave no stone unturned in their attempt to get to the bottom of it. They’re already searching the victim’s criminal history, to come up with ways to slander him in the press.

They won’t tell us his name. They won’t tell us the names of the officers who gunned him down. They won’t tell us about any injuries to his arm which would explain why it was wrapped in a towel, and why he flagged down the cops to begin with. But if he had so much as a traffic ticket or a jaywalking arrest, they’ll make sure that information gets to the public immediately. (He jaywalked once! What a thug!- ed.)

It’s almost certain that, if there is a dashcam video, it will show that these cops shot this man in a matter of seconds.

The cop sympathizers say we just don’t understand the mindset of the police. The opposite is true. We understand that police are trained to view every single person they encounter as a potential criminal and a potential threat. We understand that in order for cops to do what they do, they have to dehumanize the people they police. They can’t see you as a person, as a mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter. They have to see you as a suspect and treat you as a dangerous criminal.

Cop sympathizers have two opposing lines of defense. On the one hand they tell us that cops ‘risk their necks to protect us every day’. On the other hand they tell us ‘we can’t expect cops to risk their own necks’. That’s why it’s OK when they shoot unarmed citizens first, then pretend to ask questions later. Because they’re heroes who risk their own necks everyday, except when they don’t, because we can’t expect them to.

Here’s what we can’t expect them to do. We can’t expect them to get away with killing one person every single week, for more than a decade. We can’t expect to them to shoot someone in the head for not complying with an order to drop a gun that didn’t exist. We can’t expect them to shoot us, our family pets, or our children, when we call them for help. We can’t expect them to violate our civil and constitutional rights on a regular basis, in the name of ‘crime prevention’.

Yet some people do expect them to do these things, and they expect us not to hold them accountable for any of it. They expect us to turn a blind eye to police brutality, excessive force, rights violations, even criminal activity, because ‘the cops are heroes’.

Heroes don’t beat up women and children. They don’t gun down kids in the park. Heroes don’t kill people, just because they think they can. Heroes don’t shoot men in the back, only cowards do that. Heroes definitely don’t gun down strangers in need of help.

Sure, there are cops who’ve done something selfless and heroic. There are also crackheads, drug dealers, thieves and petty criminals who’ve done something heroic and selfless. Just because some members of a certain group occasionally do good things, doesn’t mean the whole group gets ‘hero status’. There are too many examples of corrupt and abusive cops to pretend that cops are heroes. You can’t talk about ‘good cops’ when we know that police culture itself is a huge part of the problem. Good cops are not ‘good cops’ when they ignore, lie about and cover up for the crimes of bad cops. Any ‘good cops’ there might have been, are no longer cops.

While police say that the shooting is under investigation, they have not stated whether these officers have been placed on leave, pending the outcome. The lack of information in regards to the officers duty status, probably indicates that they have not been suspended or placed on leave.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture via Police Brutality, on youtube