Michigan Theocracy: Republicans Create Bill Requiring All Marriages Be ‘Solemnized’ By Clergy

It’s ironic that Michigan Republicans are so worried about “creeping Sharia Law” when it is so obvious that they wouldn’t mind establishing a little theocracy themselves.

In the latest freak out over the strong possibility that the Supreme Court will legalize gay marriage countrywide soon, Michigan’s Republican bigot coalition of lawmakers is trying to preemptively undermine the ruling by changing their laws to still prevent gay people from marrying – presumably while sticking their tongues out at the Supreme Court as well.

In an insane bill inspired by the state’s number one homophobic politician, RNC chairman Dave Agema, and introduced to the state Legislature by his colleagues, all marriages would have to be ordained by religious leaders in order to be recognized by the state.

For a refresher on just how repugnant Agema is, he’s the guy who once claimed Obama couldn’t talk about race because he was only “6.26 percent” black.

Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% (sic) black. Obama does not have a history of overcoming discrimination and slavery like many others, yet he leads us to believe otherwise.

In fact, his genealogy shows his ancestors owned slaves. His father was a Muslim and communist, his step father was a Muslim and a comminist (sic) and he went to a Muslim school in Indonesia.”

His constant racial and homophobic slurs even earned him the distinction of being censured by his own party. You know you’re vile when the Republican Party looks at you and says “take it down a notch.”

In this new scheme, traditional officiators of weddings like judges, mayors, and other state officials could no longer officiate marriages.

And Agema and friends don’t want to put too fine a point on it but they also introduced a companion bill that would protect clergymen and women from being forced to perform gay marriages.

Do you see the desperate strategy? Every couple in Michigan will be forced to be married by a member of the clergy, but the clergy can refuse to marry them if they disagree with their lifestyle and there is no legal recourse to force the clergy to do differently, and therefore the state could technically have same-sex marriage but no same-sex couples could actually get married.

But it’s not just gay people who suffer from this new Michigan theocracy. Anyone who doesn’t want a religious wedding will have no choice but to. And if the clergy who now run the show decide that they also disagree with marrying two atheists? Well, they’re shielded from that, too. After all, it is their “deeply held religious beliefs” that a marriage is meant exclusively for religious couples, so you can’t make them marry those they view as opposed to that tradition.

To make it clear that this bill is designed to thumb its nose at the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage (and by extension, the entire United States government), state Rep. Todd Courser (R) bragged about his new bill in a blog post on his site titled, subtly, “It’s Time to End the States Involvement in Marriage”:

Today I entered a bill to end the states involvement in the sanctioning of marriage. Right now, as it sits with the decision from our U.S. Supreme Court looming, our elected officials could be forced to perform same sex marriages; if this happens then the liberal left will use this Supreme Court decision as a hammer to advance their liberal agenda. If the Supreme Court surprises everyone and decides to uphold the institution of marriage then I will simply will have the option to then withdraw the bill. The winds of secular progressivism gives me the sense that our Supreme Court is handing us their next step in the end of traditional morality for America. This bill simply put will end our elected official’s involvement in performing marriage ceremonies.

Take a moment to marvel at how far Courser and his fellow Republicans will go to prevent same-sex couples from getting married. He’s willing to yield all authority on marriage to religion in order to not allow the state to (finally) do the right thing and recognize equal protections under the law. In doing so, he’s also putting all the power into the hands of unelected, unchecked religious leaders who will now have the authority to decide who does and doesn’t “deserve” to be married in Michigan.

There hasn’t been one instance of Sharia Law coming to the United States, but Michigan Republicans sure as hell wish it would.

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