Woman With Bad Makeup Job Claims She Was Attacked By Black Men, Fools Nobody (IMAGE)

On the same weekend a white supremacist walked into a historically black church in South Carolina and killed nine men and women at a bible study meeting, a white woman tried to suggest a group of African-Americans jumped her outside of a Texas Walmart. Her story began falling apart almost immediately.

According to a Facebook post, Ashley Casey Martin said she was attacked by a group of black men when she asked that they stop swearing loudly around her daughter while the family shopped.

“Just got jumped by 3 African Americans ourside of the as Walmart they are in a white ford 150 extended cab. Arkansas tags. They hit me inside Walmart and were cussing. I was very polite and asked them to lower their voices and the cuss words in front of my 3 year old daughter and this is the outcome. What has the world come to…”

To show people who badly she was beaten she posted a photo of her “injuries” that… well… raised a lot of questions.


screengrab via Daily Dot

You may not be an incredibly gifted internet sleuth and still notice that her “injuries” look less like two black eyes and a bloody nose and more like poorly applied makeup that makes her look like she’s cosplaying as Beetlejuice and not the victim of a violent assault.

However, just to be sure, the Daily Dot contacted both the Texas Walmart where Martin said this assault occurred and the Texarkana Police Department and neither had heard of any incidence of this nature.

We spoke with a security worker who said no incidents had been reported there within the past week.

We also showed the photos to Texarkana Police Department public information officer Mike Jones, who responded with an emailed statement.

“I’ve talked to our detective Sergeant. He has reviewed all of the reports from the weekend and there is no report of this incident,” wrote Jones. “There is also no report in our system from a person with the poster’s name. We are confident is stating that this incident, if it did occur, has not been reported to this department.”

Unfortunately, Martin is not the first to take it upon herself to fake injuries while accusing black men of a crime that never happened. It happens with disturbing frequency with varying degrees of success. You may recall that during Obama’s first presidential election, a female McCain supporter made highly publicized claims that black Obama supporters had held her down and carved a “B” into her cheek. Fox News jumped on the story and ran it again and again stoking their audience’s racial fears.

It didn’t take long for police to notice that nothing in her story made sense and, perhaps most questionably, the “B” that was carved in her face was backwards – as if done in front of a mirror. Which is exactly what happened. She later confessed to making it all up.

And while stories like these may seem so pathetic as to be funny, the reality is that they do real harm. The Charleston church shooter claimed in his “manifesto” that he became obsessed with stories of black people attacking or killing white people. It was one of the issues that led him to conclude that there needed to be a race war to settle things. Stories of black men terrorizing white women are popular among right-wing websites and almost always tow with them racism and anger towards the black community.

So while Martin’s attempt to gain sympathy while falsely accusing black men of attacking her may be so bad as to be scoffed at, it still feeds into a racist narrative of black violence that many white people still earnestly believe.

Featured image via Daily Dot