Glenn Beck Goes Full-On Drama Queen With Obamacare Ruling: ‘The Country As We Know It Is Done’ (VIDEO)

Unintentional class clown Glenn Beck opined on the fact that on Thursday the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, and his reaction was nothing short of amazing.

Beck kind of makes his living at predicting the end of the world. He even has a line of end of the world products, which includes food, survival needs and your basic camping gear. He also hawks gold for the (he thinks) inevitable time when the economy will collapse and grocery store clerks will suddenly know what to do with the bar of gold you hand them.

Knowing his penchant for end-time hyperbole, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that he would see Obamacare as the end of everything he knows and holds dear:

“I don’t know how you get around it, guys,” Beck’s co-host Stu Burguiere agreed, arguing that the Supreme Court has become both judicial and legislative. “They’re freaking inserting words into laws after they’re passed. They’re putting words into laws that aren’t there. The design of this country with this system is completely gone.”

Beck said America needs a “reset” because there is “nothing left” of the system as it was created.

“It will get a reset because they have violated mathematical principles,” Beck argued. “They violated $18 trillion in debt and printing money. It will reset because there’s nothing left of this. So now the question is, when we reset, do we, A, tear each other apart, B, do we go to a new Constitution, or, C, do we hang on and reset to the original Constitution and become much more free and Libertarian in our nature?”

Source: The Blaze

Here’s the video:

Of course, the world as we know it hasn’t changed one iota from Wednesday. The Supreme Court interpreted the law, just as they always do. They didn’t rewrite it. As for the horrors of Obamacare, well, none of them have come to fruition.

As far as Beck’s apocalyptical predictions, he might want to refresh himself on The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr.