Donald Trump Piñatas Now Available For Mexicans Fed Up With Racist Badmouthing (IMAGES/VIDEO)

If Donald Trump wanted to piss off an entire segment of the population as well as an entire other nation, well, he’s definitely succeeded. After Trump’s remarks about Mexico during his presidential campaign announcement, a firestorm of criticism has been thrown right back at the businessman. He said:

“When Mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best… They are sending people that have lots of problems. They are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime and their rapists, and some are good people, and I speak to border guards and they tell us what we are getting.”

These blatantly racist remarks not only got Univision to cancel their telecast of the Miss USA pageant, but now one Mexico-based artist has created Donald Trump piñatas.

Allowing his fellow Mexicans to literally take a swing at Donald Trump, Dalton Javier Avalos Ramirez has made a strikingly accurate depiction of Trump in piñata form.

And according to Fox News Latino, Ramirez is now selling them for 500 pesos, which is equivalent to $40.

Ramirez said:

“It’s something metaphoric, people bashing him for the comments he made… We thought [Trump’s comments] were very wrong because we are a working country, we go to the United States to work, but unfortunately we face a lot of racism.”

The demand coming in for the Trump piñata are apparently coming in by the boatload with Ramirez posting on Facebook:


Here’s the piñata in action:

The Piñatería Ramirez, the business where the piñatas are being created also has several other extremely lifelike piñatas of several other celebrites. However, Trump is selling like hotcakes, and Ramirez seems pretty stoked about the popularity of his new item.

Here’s the video coverage of Ramirez from Univision (the company already at odds with Trump):

¡Ya llegó la piñata de Donald Trump! El magnate estadounidense ahora cuenta con su propia piñata, gracias al ingenio de los comerciantes en mexicanos. | Univision 34 Los Angeles

Posted by Univision 34 Los Angeles on Monday, June 22, 2015

And here is coverage via AOL: