In One Minute, NY Conservative Manages To Call Black Leaders N*ggers EIGHT Times (Video)

Joseph A. Mascia, Erie County Conservative Party’s endorsed candidate for Buffalo, New York’s Common Council was caught on tape making racist remarks about  Mayor Byron W. Brown, Council President Darius G. Pridgen and other African-American leaders. In the audio, obtained by The Buffalo News, Mascia can be heard using the word “n*gger” in reference to the black officials eight times.

“The f*cking n*ggers, man. Once they’re in power, forget about it, forget it” Mascia says in the audio, a recording of a conversation with a former employer. “They want it all.” The employer listed names of black officials, with Mascia describing them as anything from “n*gger,” to “f*cking n*gger,” to “f*cking dumb n*gger.” Ultimately, Mascia concluded that the “n*ggers take over.” WIVB4 was kind enough to provide a partial transcript of the call, beginning as the conversation turns to Brown:

  • Caller: What is he?

  • Mascia: He’s a F****** N*****. (1)

  • Caller: What is he?

  • Mascia: So who did you hear that from about the Mayor leaving in May?

  • Caller: The caller responds with a name that is difficult to understand.

  • Mascia: What does he know?

  • Caller: What is he?

  • Mascia: Him? He’s a F****** camel jockey.

  • Caller: What is Darius?

  • Mascia: Oh he’s another N*****. F***** N*****s. (2 +3)

  • Caller: What’s Leonard Williams?

  • Mascia: N******. (4)

  • Caller: What’s Mike Seamen?

  • Mascia: N*****, he’s a W******. (5)

  • Caller: What’s Dawn Sanders?

  • Mascia: Oh, she’s a F***** dumb N*****. (6)

  • Caller: What is she doing with the card?

  • Mascia: She and her girlfriend Crystal Peoples and getting her girlfriend Collins as the new uh Chancellor? Bob Bennett is out! Them N******s take over man. Hey, Heastie says whatever Crystal Peoples wants, so F***** N******s man. I told you, once they get in power, forget it, they want it all. (7+8)

Mascia, who is currently a Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority official, told WIVB4 that he may have acted like a racist jackass, but none of the recorded private conversation was anything like him:

“The person caught me at a weak moment saying things that I shouldn’t have said. People who know me know that’s not who I am, that’s not what I say or how I say it. I feel terrible.”

Brown, one of the “n*ggers” Mascia mentioned, called for the “not-racist’s” resignation from the BMHA on Wednesday night:

“I have been made aware of the existence of a tape that allegedly contains statements that are unacceptable and inflammatory by any standard. One of the main priorities of my administration has been to encourage all businesses, organizations and residents to embrace diversity and to demonstrate a commitment to building, cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion, fairness and equity in Buffalo. Clearly, if Mr. Mascia can’t deny making these statements, he should immediately resign his elected position as a commissioner of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.”

Fillmore Council Member David A. Franczyk, the man MAscia hopes to unseat, called his opponent “unfit” for public office. “It’s atrocious and vile. It sounds like language in the 1860s old South,” Franczyk said. “It’s pretty scary stuff.”

“I’m heartbroken that in the year 2015, I would be called by that name,” said Pridgen, another “n*gger” Mascia mentioned.

Leonard Williams — or “N*gger,” as Mascia called him — said the he is not “surprised” by the slurs: “I know Joe is the kind of person who will stab you in the back if it’s in his interest.” He says that Mascia’s remarks were particularly appalling because he represents a largely African-American base. “I don’t know how the man can sleep at night,” Williams said. “Many of those tenants voted for him. They look to him to represent them on the board.”

Mascia says he has no intention of resigning.

“Of course the Mayor wants me to resign, so would the rest of the Commissioners. I don’t think the people would want me to resign because they know what an advocate I am for [black people] and I want to continue to be that advocate.” In fact, Mascia believes he still has a chance of winning a council seat. “Well, I think I can win it the same way I won in Housing, I mean like I said, I made a mistake,” he said.

Mascia told The Buffalo News that he can’t possibly be a racist because he has “many black friends” and a biracial nephew. Anybody who knows me knows what I stand for,” he said. “I stand up for minorities and poor people who live in public housing.”

The remarks were recorded by Paul Christopher, who runs a janitorial company at which Mascia has been employed. Mascia says that the recording was made while he was riding in Christopher’s vehicle. He blames his former boss for “baiting” him by asking what he thought of black people:

“Paul was baiting me, asking me what I thought about the mayor, or this person or that person. I can’t believe a person who is a friend would make a tape like that. … But I have no excuses. I should not have said those things.”

Christopher says he decided to release the recording because Mascia has made a habit of smearing others, and “it’s obvious he has racial issues.”

Despite the horrible nature of the remarks, Erie County Conservative Party Chairman Ralph C. Lorigo said that while he will be speaking to Mascia about the situation, it is “too soon to predict” whether the group will continue to support their “not-racist” favorite.  “I have no tolerance for this kind of issue,” Lorigo said. “But I have known Joe for about three years, and I have never heard him talk like that. … I’ve got to call Joe and tell him this does put him in risk and jeopardy.”

Isn’t it amazing how conservatives always seem to endorse people who are “not-racist,” but are actually horrifically racist?

You can hear the relevant portion of the call yourself, below:


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