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Ted Cruz Openly Details Plan To Turn America Into Christian-Ruled Tyranny (VIDEO)

This is exactly why a conservative controlled government cannot be allowed to happen.

Conservative “Christians” haven’t been secretive about their effort to destroy democracy and our Constitution by replacing it with a theocracy ruled by Christianity and the Bible.

And Ted Cruz openly called upon evangelicals to help him do exactly that in 2016.

Cruz went to Mississippi to kiss the ring of American Family Association’s hate group leader Tim Wildmon and during the interview, Cruz told Wildmon that conservative “Christians” need to vote if they want someone in office who will destroy President Obama’s accomplishments and implement Christian dominion over the United States. Cruz also used non-believers as a scapegoat for all the nation’s problems:

“Nothing is more important in the next 18 months than that the body of Christ rise up and that Christians stand up, that pastors stand up and lead. In this last election, 54 million evangelical Christians stayed home … If we can simply bring Christians to the polls — is it any wonder we have the government we have, we have the leaders we have if believers stay home and leave electing our leaders to unbelievers. We get exactly what we deserve and nothing is more important than having people of faith stand up and just vote our values, vote biblical values and that’s how we turn the country around.”

Cruz then listed the five things he would do immediately upon being elected president. He would kill the diplomatic deal with Iran in favor of perpetual warfare in the Middle East. He would repeal every executive order President Obama has ever issued, thus rolling America back to irresponsible and dangerous Bush Administration rules. He would also fight fictional religious persecution, which is basically code for allowing conservatives to discriminate against women, gay people, atheists, Muslims, and anyone who is not white with impunity. Cruz also wants to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem because planting the American flag on the Holy Land and pissing off millions of Muslims is somehow a smart idea. And finally, he would go on a witch hunt against Planned Parenthood and seek criminal charges over heavily edited videos released by an anti-choice group.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch.

In short, Cruz would declare America a Christian nation and base all of our laws on the Bible or at least on the verses he cherry-picks. He would nix the Iran deal and escalate American involvement in the Middle East on behalf of right-wing Israelis who want us to fight and die while they watch from the sidelines. Here at home he would use Christianity to wage war on women and their health as well as give conservatives a green light to persecute anybody they want while using the Bible as a shield. Furthermore, he would allow conservatives to use religion to disobey any law they don’t agree with. Our Constitution and the secular way of life that the Founding Fathers worked so hard for would be shredded if Cruz has his way, which makes him one of the most dangerous threats facing this nation right now.

Our Constitution mandates that all religious beliefs are equal in the eyes of the law and are separate from the government that makes those laws. There’s a wall between church and state for a reason and it’s a cornerstone of a system that has been successful for over two centuries. But Cruz and many other Republicans in the presidential race would gleefully destroy that foundation and replace it with a religious tyranny. That cannot be allowed to happen.

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