Gun-Toting Evangelist Attacks Boy With Doll Video By Having His Kids Shoot Guns (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, a dad took to Facebook and posted a video that showed his reaction to when his son picked out a doll. And like any good parent should, he reacted with excitement and joy, because his son was very excited to have his new toy. Who cares that it was a doll?

Well, one guy did. One seemingly very insecure, over-compensating guy whose machismo made him make one of the most bizarre videos ever made on the topic of gender neutral toys.

Joshua Feuerstein, a self-described former television and radio evangelist, took to his own Facebook page and went after the dad who had the audacity to let a child pick a toy that he’d like to play with. Not Feuerstein’s boy though, that’s not acceptable. No son of his is going to play with dolls. He’s literally putting down the other dad for letting his son express who he wants to be. God forbid, the kid turn out to be well-balanced and confident in his own skin, Feuerstein wants his kids to be the little clay puppets he creates them to be.

How does he plan on going about molding his children? By teaching his kids to use his version of gender neutral toys — guns. Yes, he just said guns are toys. What a responsible gun owner and dad he is.

How are they gender neutral? Well, he’s not only going to let his very young son shoot the gun, but also his very young daughters. The video even shows his son holding the gun and firing it at a target.

He said:

“That’s gun control, ladies and gentleman… a boy that properly knows how to fire a gun.”

Yeah, a lot of other boys knew how to properly fire guns, too. They took their guns into Columbine High School, a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and into Sandy Hook Elementary school.

PROPER training of a gun is to NOT treat a gun like a toy, to respect the firearm, not think of it as a solution to any problem, and to only be used as a last resort. Guns are also to be stored properly, and target practice done in a secured environment, none of which Feuerstein is displaying here. Good parenting? Yeah, not so much.

Teaching kids how to fire guns doesn’t make a good parent. Teaching kids that a parent’s way is the only way doesn’t make a good parent. Teaching your kids that boys who play with dolls are “pussies” and to instead fire weapons, is actually slightly crazy. Ever think that a boy who plays with a doll may grow up to be a good dad? Although, Feuerstein doesn’t seem to be too worried about good parenting.

How are kids ever going to discover what makes them the unique little individuals that they are if they’re not allowed to play with the toys that make them genuinely happy? No one wants a society of clones — well, one guy did.

Feuerstein seems to be very proud of himself that he’s not politically correct, and he wants his version of “parenting” to be shared. He puts down the other dad, yet again, by saying he needs to “grow a pair” and properly train a child.  It takes a lot more “cajones” to parent the way the dad who let his son get a doll has done. Playing with guns and overemphasizing oneself as a man’s man may show who really may lack in the cajone department. Just sayin.

Putting down another parent for loving their child with all their heart and wanting them to grow up healthy and happy reaches a new kind of low. Feuerstein being so bothered by this dad letting his son play with a doll may reveal more about Feuerstein than it does about the other dad.

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Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Video/Image: Facebook