Let’s Remember When Colin Powell Predicted The GOP’s Racist Demise (VIDEO)

The current Republican Party is openly racist. That’s no secret, as they are proud of it. In fact, if they weren’t Donald Trump, the man who openly called Mexican immigrants rapists and said President Obama is to blame for the problems in Black America wouldn’t be leading the pack in the GOP primary race by double digits.

Well, despite the despicable nature of the bigoted base and many of the politicians in the GOP, there is one Republican people on both sides of the aisle continue to respect: Former Secretary of State and decorated U.S. Army General Colin Powell. As is his usual way, Powell has broken ranks with his party once again, and called President Obama’s Iran deal a “good deal.” He is a smart, reasonable man, and always has been, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Colin Powell has also been one to speak out against the nasty nature of his party, and he has, in the past, predicted just what we are seeing now. On an interview with Real Time host Bill Maher, Powell suggested, more than a year ago, that the GOP would become the circus we see before us now, perhaps because it was already happening and getting steadily worse by the day. Powell said to Maher, on being a moderate Republican and watching his party run away from him in a steady race to the extremist right:

“The [GOP] has taken a sharp turn to the right. For example, I am a Republican of course… principally because of my background, my feelings about foreign policy and defense spending and things like that, but I’m very moderate with respect to social issues. But I’ve found increasingly over the last 10 or 15 years, the party has moved further away from somebody like me.”

Thank goodness someone in that lunatic party recognizes these people for what they are: a party of extremist that cannot remain relevant in the modern world. There is no “agree to disagree” with people like that. They refuse to compromise, and they insist that it’s their way or the highway. As for Colin Powell– it sounds to me like he is, essentially, jumping off the sinking ship that is the current Republican Party. Come on over here to the left, General Powell– we’d be happy to have you.

Watch the interview below:

Featured image via video screen capture from Dead State