President Obama Celebrates Labor Day By Giving Paid Sick Leave To 300,000 American Workers

It’s a move that is sure to enrage Republicans. Thanks, Obama!

President Obama is going to be in Boston today, and what he plans to do is going to make hundreds of thousands of American workers very happy this Labor Day.

According to Reuters, President Obama is going to sign an executive order requiring all government contractor employees to be granted seven paid sick days per year starting in 2017.

The order will help 300,000 American workers at a time when the United States continues to rank dead last behind the rest of the developed world in paid sick leave requirements. That’s putting it kindly, since the United States is the ONLY developed nation without a paid sick leave policy.

White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett briefed the press during a conference call on the matter on Sunday.

“Everyday, the president sees the pressing need for policies to support working families. There are letters that come his way from hardworking Americans, who live everyday with the anxiety that comes from being one ailment or one injury away from losing a job, losing their livelihood and ability to look after their families.”

In addition, President Obama will also direct the Department of Labor to assist government contractor employees in accessing equal pay, which is good news for women, who are currently paid 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid.

Furthermore, President Obama also intends to challenge House and Senate Republicans to put their votes where their mouths are on “family values” by calling upon them to actually pass The Healthy Families Act which would finally guarantee paid sick leave for every worker who is employed by a business with 15 of more employees.

President Obama is definitely proving once again that he cares about American workers with this latest series of moves. You certainly would never see a Republican doing something like this on Labor Day or any other day for that matter.

That’s why the 2016 Election is so important. Because this is an executive order, you can bet that if a Republican were to win the presidency it would be repealed on day one along with any other executive order President Obama has issued to help American workers.

And we should also keep in mind that it’s because of labor unions that we have many of the worker’s rights that we often take for granted today, such as the minimum wage, worker safety laws, weekends, overtime, etc… But even all of those could disappear if Republicans were to take control of the White House and keep control of the House and Senate. So while we should celebrate Labor Day and what President Obama is doing to mark the occasion, we must remain vigilant and protect the progress that is been made and is still being made today.

Featured image via Marla Muir