The Koch Brothers Are Helping The Poor? It’s More Like Indoctrinating Them

We hear a lot from conservatives about how the poor don’t need handouts, they need job training and better life skills, so they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. The Koch brothers—yes, the billionaire oil tycoons behind Americans for Prosperity and other conservative, protect-the-rich-at-all-costs groups—are taking an interest in helping the poor get some of these necessary life skills. That’s astounding for shady, greedy people like the Koch brothers.

According to Salon, the Kochs have founded an organization, called Bridge to Wellbeing, to accomplish this very thing. It’s still saying to the poor:

“Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps,” but it’s also saying, “We’re here to try and give you bootstraps with which to pull yourselves up.”

It sounds incredibly kind, generous and big-hearted of them.

So, what’s the catch? These are the Koch brothers, after all; they don’t do anything unless it’s going to benefit them somehow.

There’s got to be a catch. Maybe the types of classes they offer are extremely tone-deaf, kind of like what McDonald’s did with their insensitive budget plan? No, actually, that’s not it.

There must be a catch.

Salon knows what it is. These classes, which teach everything from couponing, to budgeting, and even to growing your own food for less, have conservative, small-government indoctrination written into them. Basically, these classes also teach how the government is making poor people poor, how it’s stifling job growth and creation, and how things like rising food prices are all President Obama’s fault.

Another thing they blame on Obama is the rising cost of energy, because of excessive environmental regulations. That class, called Flip the Switch, says that you’ll know exactly how to save on your energy bills once you understand why the utilities are charging you so much.

Their professors are very conservative and political, too. One works for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is responsible for all kinds of conservative model legislation at the state level. ALEC is the reason people with solar panels on their houses still have to pay the utility companies every month in some states.

Another has a passion for Americans for Prosperity, which happened after liberal policies allegedly destroyed her family’s business. A third isn’t a lawyer, let alone a Constitutional lawyer, but will teach Constitutional principles (with an ultra-libertarian bent, no doubt).

And so it goes. The whole “philanthropic” endeavor is actually one big, huge indoctrination scheme, designed to make the poor vote Republican by convincing them that their plight is due entirely to Obama and the Democrats. It’s intended to make them vote against their interests in even greater numbers than they already do.

Make no mistake, the Koch brothers are no philanthropists. They don’t care about the poor. They care about using the poor as another tool to continue solidifying their power over our government. That’s it, and it’s the poor who will suffer most for this.


Featured image by DonkeyHotey. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr