McDonald’s Organizes Massive Multi-Corporation Food Drive To Help Middle Eastern Refugees

The reaction to the Middle Eastern refugee crisis has been pretty disgusting. Many people have ignored the plight of the people who are fleeing war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria, because they are busy worrying about what the next iPhone is going to look like. Some world leaders have had even more vile reactions to the crisis. Benjamin Netanyahu said that he will not accept any Syrian refugees, apparently he doesn’t want to pollute Israel with a bunch of Muslims. Hungary’s Prime Minister decided that he was going to order the prosecution of anyone crossing his border — even children — because refugees aren’t entitled to a good life. See? Disgusting. Fortunately, not everyone in the world is a piece of garbage and help is coming from an unexpected place.

McDonald’s, the company that refuses to pay their employees a living wage, has announced that they are leading a campaign to raise money for the United Nation’s World Food Program. Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s new chief executive, has also convinced other multibillion dollar companies such as Facebook, Dreamworks Animation and Mastercard, to help them.

The group of corporations sponsored a 30-minute promo for the Food Program and it will air in 38 countries and be promoted on digital platforms on Monday, the U.N. Peace Day. The ad, which is narrated by Liam Neeson, doesn’t make any mention of the companies that sponsored it.

We felt it was an opportunity for us to contribute something meaningful, something authentic,” Mr. Easterbrook said. “This is not about single brands. This is about doing good.”

Jay Aldous, WFP Director of Private Sector Partnerships agreed:

“The private sector has a significant role to play in ending hunger and promoting peace and this global effort is a powerful example of brands coming together with one voice to make a tangible impact in the lives of vulnerable people.”

McDonald’s may not be the best corporation in the world, but even the worst people get something right every once in a while. This was amazing, and the best thing they can do is read the word about the crisis in the Middle East.

Millions of people have been displaced or have died, more than half of them are children and they need help. They need help and we can help them, we may not all be able to house a family, but we can damn sure donate one dollar to feed them. So, do that.

Go to the World Food Program’s website (HERE) and donate whatever you can to help these families.

Watch the ad here:

Featured image via video screen capture