Kim Davis’ Mythical ‘Gay Friend’ Has Been Located, And Her Bigotry Embarrasses Him

You know what’s embarrassing? Imagine being Kim davis, raging homophobic bigot and devout “Christian.” You just got done telling the world that your hatred is universal, and that you even denied marriage licenses to your gay friends. But what if your friends don’t love you as much as you say they do? On Tuesday, ABC News reported that friendship was not enough for Davis to do the right thing:

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis says she has refused to issue marriage licenses to her friends in same-sex relationships, explaining that even friendship couldn’t convince her to change her stance.

“I can’t put my name on a license that doesn’t represent what God ordained marriage to be,” Davis told ABC News’ Paula Faris in a Monday interview in Morehead, Kentucky.

“I have friends who are gay and lesbians. They know where I stand,” she explained. “And we don’t agree on this issue and we’re okay because we respect each other.” So, the Daily Beast, after a search, found one of her gay friends, and asked his opinion on Davis’ refusal to follow the law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Dallas Black of Morehead, Kentucky says he has known Davis his whole life. In fact, they’re related (distantly), with the first in Davis’ series of Jesus-approved™ husbands being a distant cousin of his. Black says he and Davis became close when she helped him with his paperwork after his mother died. He has her home phone number, but says that Davis is not someone he would “get lunch with.”

“Even after this all started, I went in a few days later and we spoke,” he said. “We talked about how each other were feeling, and how we’re gonna be friends even after all this.” But the Kim Davis of today is nothing like the one he once knew:

“I really don’t know who Kim is at the moment. I really want to believe that the kind, sweet person who was there when my mom passed away is still there. I was friends with Kim in the past, but I don’t know this woman I’ve been seeing.”

Black says he is shocked that Davis has fought so hard to deny same-sex couples their constitutional right to marry. “I somewhat feel like she is taking this to an extreme, because she didn’t become a Christian until four years ago,” he told the Beast. He says he respects Davis’ right to believe as she chooses, but is very upset by her decision to turn the entire town into a “backwoods laughingstock.”

“Kim Davis has become the face of Morehead, and that’s not the face we want to portray,” he said, adding that his home is unrecognizable. “We don’t feel safe now,” Black explained. “That’s ultimately what she did. She made us feel like our home was invaded by strangers, and she made us strangers to it.”

Black says that, while he would provide Davis comfort if she came to him for support, she would not be on his wedding guest list, which he would restrict to people who think of him as a person…with rights.



Featured image via Advocate/Gaily Grind