Good Guy With A Gun Shoots Carjacking Victim In Head, Runs Away Before Police Arrive (VIDEO)

The NRA’s narrative that a “good guy with a gun” is “the only thing” that can stop a “bad guy with a gun” often leads to some measure of embarrassment whenever the “good guy” accidentally hurts the wrong person. Once again, this was the case when a Texas man stepped in to heroically stop a carjacking and made things much, much worse for the victim.

According to police, a carjacking at a gas station in Valero Saturday night left one man injured, but it wasn’t the intended target when an ammosexual attempted to go “full-Rambo” and stop the crime-in-progress. Rather than call police, the unnamed GGWAG leaped into action and opened fire on two men who jumped another man at the gas station. He didn’t manage to quite hit his targets, but the unnamed shooter managed to land one blow — to the victim’s head. The carjackers managed to escape with the unnamed victim’s pickup truck.

The  shooting (and carjacking) victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he remains in stable condition. The stolen truck was located a mile away, but the suspects managed to escape and are still on the loose. In true “Good Guy With a Gun” fashion, the shooter did not wait around for police to arrive, and is being sought for questioning.

We contacted the Houston Police Department to obtain information about the name of the shooter and victim, but were told (verbatim):

“We don’t do that, the news do that.”

Asked where the news would get the information, the representative explained that “I guess they would talk to whoever. I don’t know” — law enforcement at its finest. 

This is exactly the problem with quite literally anyone deciding they are the law. While it’s nice to believe that possession of a gun makes a person judge, jury, and (almost) executioner, all too often the GGWAG simply makes things worse — like when he shoots the victim of a crime in the head, or kills an innocent person because his jumpy reaction leads him to believe his 17-year-old brother is a home intruder, or even Second Amendments three criminal Muslims who had the audacity to park in their assigned space, and to occasionally utilize visitor parking.

The cowardice of the NRA’s “heroes,” who run away when they accidentally shoot innocent people, is almost overwhelming. Watch a report on the shooting, below:

Featured image via KHOU