Anti-Gay Bakery Won’t Pay Court Ordered Fine, Pockets $500K Donated By Gullible Supporters

The owners of the now-infamous Sweet Cakes by Melissa, an Oregon anti-gay bakery, have reportedly defied their state’s orders to pay a settlement to the lesbian couple they unapologetically discriminated against. Instead, they apparently plan to just keep the $500,000 their supporters gave them that was meant to help cover their legal costs.

Whether you support Aaron and Melissa Klein or not, you probably should have seen this coming. The couple has been relentlessly defiant about being forced to follow the law. As a sort of proto-Kim Davis, the couple argued that it would violate their religious freedom to not be allowed to discriminate against gay people who came into their shop. They even took things a step further by publicly harassing the victims of their discrimination, including sharing the address of the lesbian couple with their bigoted supporters – a dangerous thing to do given the disturbing frequency of hate crimes against homosexuals. Despite their claims that this was religious intolerance against them, it was this constant bullying that led to a court settlement to the tune of $135,000 in damages awarded to their victims.

Now, months later and rolling in cash from supporters, the couple hasn’t paid a dime.

In emails obtained by Williamette Week, prosecutor Jenn Gaddiss was outraged that the Kleins have refused to comply with the court ordered settlement.

“It is unfortunate that they will not seek the bond or irrevocable letter of credit, that you had initially stated they were interested in seeking, when they have clearly raised close to $500,000 with which to pay the damage award. As we previously discussed, the bond or irrevocable letter of credit would not be dispersed pending appeal(s).”

In the months after the Kleins’ discrimination towards gay and lesbian couples got out, the bakery owners became heroes within the conservative movement. They became one of many conservatives to discover that just being particularly nasty to gay people can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars from “fans” who have too much hate and too much money to know what to do with. They’ve cashed in big time, and even hit the conservative circuit, appearing at conservative Christian events to retell their “horror” story.

Oftentimes that story bears little resemblance to the truth. For the most part, the couple has insisted that they were forced to pay this fine because they wouldn’t bake a gay couple a cake. Here’s what really happened:

[T]he Oregon DOJ sent Cryer’s consumer complaint to the Kleins, with a cover letter requesting that they respond to the complainants. It was an attempt to encourage reconciliation.

Instead, Aaron Klein posted the discrimination complaint to Facebook (not taking the precaution of redacting the couple’s name and address from the document). “This is what happens when you tell gay people you won’t do their ‘wedding cake,'” he posted.

The Kleins then took to the news and media. They cozied up to anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, campaigning at appallingly anti-gay hate rallies, for their business’ totally-fictional right to discriminate against LGBT people.

After filing the discrimination complaint, the Bowman-Cryers became the victims of death threats — as well as outrageous and horrific claims by conservative media outlets and anti-gay groups.

In response to this, the Kleins got rich. The massive amount of money raised by the pair on GoFundMe is part of the reason the fundraising site changed their Terms of Service to explicitly forbid bigots from creating campaigns based on discrimination. (This rule would later prevent Kim Davis from profiting from her own intolerance.) Even after the site took down their campaign, the money poured in from other sources. The Kleins found themselves with more money than they would have ever made from their small bakery – and all they had to do was hate gay people.

Thankfully, Oregon is exploring the option of placing liens on the Kleins’ property. Even better: Because the Kleins have spent the past year gloating about how much money they’ve made in donations, the government knows full well that they have more than enough to pay off the settlement. Doomed by their own vanity. How fitting.

Feature image via YouTube