Benghazi Committee Creates ‘Gun And Wine Drinking Club’ – Brag About Their Glocks (VIDEO)

The Select Committee on Benghazi in the U.S. House of Representatives has come under intense scrutiny after Kevin Mccarthy openly bragged that Clinton’s poll numbers have taken a nosedive since they began investigating her.

In a new investigative report by the New York Times, it turns out that members of the committee have formed their own wine club, as well as a special “gun-buying club.” Given how they haven’t been able to find anything grossly incriminating on Hillary yet, here is what the members do on their free time, according to the report:

“With the slow progress, members have engaged in social activities like a wine club nicknamed “Wine Wednesdays,” drinking from glasses imprinted with the words “Glacial Pace,” a dig at Representative Elijah E. Cummings, Democrat of Maryland and the committee’s ranking member. Mr. Cummings used the term to question the speed of the committee’s work.

At one point, several Republican staff members formed a gun-buying club and discussed in the committee’s conference room the 9-millimeter Glock handguns they intended to buy and what type of monograms they would inscribe on them.”

While there are 5 Democrats on the committee, this evidence suggests that only Republicans were involved in these so-called “clubs.” It would be highly unlikely Democrats would participate with the majority of the Republican members of the committee, to make fun of a fellow Democrat.

So far, the committee has spent more than $4.5 million in taxpayer dollars and more than 17 months “investigating.” Put in perspective, this is even longer than the inquiry on Watergate. With Clinton scheduled to testify before the committee on Oct. 22, it appears the shift has focused from Benghazi to her emails. This is coming from multiple sources – interviews with current and former committee staff members as well as internal documents.

Bradley Podliska, a conservative Republican, was fired from the committee after criticizing a partisan “hyper-focus” on Hillary Clinton, rather than discovering the truth.

“I knew that we needed to get to the truth to the victims’ families. And the victims’ families, they deserve the truth — whether or not Hillary Clinton was involved, whether or not other individuals were involved. The victims’ families are not going to get the truth and that’s the most unfortunate thing about this.”

Perhaps just as embarrassing as the disgusting gun and wine clubs that are being brought to light, is the fact that they have conducted only one of a dozen interviews they were supposed to have. Also, they have held absolutely zero hearings, even though they initially talked about having nine of them. That’s probably because there was nothing to talk about. They really just want to grill Clinton when she appears next week, to further hurt her in the election. That’s what the evidence suggests, at least. With the Iowa caucus only a few months away, their timing couldn’t have been better. 

Featured image via Daily Kos.