Ted Cruz Just Declared War On Atheists, In The Campiest Way Possible (VIDEO)

The Christian Conservative darling and GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz attempted to put the fear of God into atheists on Friday, but he really didn’t think his sentence all the way through.

Speaking to the Freedom 2015 Religious Liberties conference in Iowa, Ted Cruz called to ban atheists from running for President. Cruz believes the United States should become a Christian theocracy. That’s quite a scary concept. The only thing is, the actual words he used to call for this ban were, lets just say, unfortunate.

What Cruz actually said was:

“Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be Commander in Chief of this nation.”


Eh hem.

Somewhere, RuPaul is having a moment.


If we can stop ourselves belly laughing for a moment though (and breathe…) – what sort of lunatic demands any specific group of U.S. citizens be barred from holding public office?

Instead of simply disagreeing with different political or philosophical ideologies, it has somehow become acceptable for Republicans to seek to outlaw them. When did this kind of fascism become acceptable in Republican circles?

Probably when they realized they could turn it into votes.

Sadly, while the GOP may be the only ones saying it, they are not the only ones thinking it. According to a recent Gallup poll, the only thing Americans like less than an atheist is a socialist. No wonder so much of the anti-Obama media war has been spent calling him a Muslim Socialist.

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On the surface of it, those figures don’t look good for secular America. A country founded as a secular democracy, in part of escape the horrors of the established Church of England, has, 300 years later, a politics more in thrall to the religion than almost any developed nation on earth.

But at the same time, a bigger transformation is happening.

The problem for Ted Cruz and the Christian Conservative movement is that although America is still dominated by Christianity, a major study by Pew Research has found that, like the rest of the developed world, the nation as a whole is becoming more secular. So as the years and decades pass, these figures will dwindle, along with the power of the church.

While progressive America, and the rest of the developed world, head towards a more science-based and humanist future – the GOP is headed, literally, back to the dark ages.

Religious tolerance, the theme of the Iowa conference, is the tolerance of all religions and none. It is the acceptance that we live in a vibrant, diverse world of ideas – and that we win the battle of ideas by being the most appealing option, not by suppressing those who hold a different view.

It is because Ted Cruz and the Christian Conservative movement know they are losing the battle of ideas, that they will continue to try and strike the fear of God into non-believers. But all the while, science and education are eating away at the ignorance on which they rely.

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