Trump’s Lying, Racist ‘Black On White Crime’ Tweet Is Actually Neo-Nazi Propaganda (IMAGES)

Donald Trump has had an interesting week. Just when we thought the guy couldn’t be any more of an outrageously bigoted imbecile, he goes and decides that it would “absolutely” be a good idea to have a Nazi-esque database and identification program of all Muslims living in America. And of course, for his grand, racist finale, The Donald tweeted out an incredibly racist, and patently false, graphic that claims that most white homicide victims are killed by black people. It turns out, though, that this particular scandal isn’t over.

It appears that the graphic that Trump tweeted out is not only really, really racist, and completely false — it is also neo-Nazi propaganda. Charles Johnson, who runs the blog Little Green Footballs, went on an extensive search for the origins of the image as well as the statistics it claims come from the San Francisco Crime Statistics Bureau. It turn out that no such government outfit actually exists; however, the FBI’s correct statistics reveal that 82 percent of white people who are murdered fall victim to those of their own race; the same is true of 91 percent of black murder victims. This is simply because people tend to commit crimes close to home.

As for the racist and incorrect statistics? Well, that graphic came from a twitter account belonging to the neo-Nazi group the German Faith Movement. Their official account photo is that of a modified swastika, and the description shows that they are big fans of Adolf Hitler:

“A detester of any kind of sick perverted dildo waving marxism and liberalism,we Should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache.”

Here is the image the account uses:



And here is the crime stats tweet:

So, it’s pretty clear where these bogus stats came from, and why. This is also not Donald Trump’s first flirtation with Nazi sympathizing on Twitter. Oh, no. There is a now deleted tweet, in which he put up a campaign photo that had Nazi soldiers in the background.

Now, whether or not Trump is aware of the things he is tweeting is anyone’s guess. However, it is deeply troubling that this guy is tweeting out neo-Nazi propaganda as truth.

This is the person who is first in line to become the GOP nominee for president, and that’s scary as hell.

Featured image via video screen capture from Raw Story