This Christian Group Celebrates 9/11, But You Won’t Hear Trump Mention It (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Trump’s discredited and spurious claim that “thousands” of Muslims lined the streets of New Jersey to celebrate 9/11 continues to be accepted by his meth-fueled merry little band of bigots despite inconveniences like “facts” and “logic” — but one must wonder why he doesn’t condemn a Christian group who verifiably celebrated the attack.

According to The Donald’s campaign, “special interests” have been suppressing evidence of the celebrating  mass of Muslims in order to discredit the billionaire — which apparently includes erasing all legitimate, verifiable accounts (including video) from everywhere. However, there are absolutely verifiable incidents in which people of a couple religious persuasions celebrated the attacks, but the problem is that none of them were Muslims.

For instance, a group of five Jewish men was arrested after they were seen laughing, joking, and apparently celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers. This absolutely occurred in New Jersey. The five men, all employees of Urban Movers, were the subject of a frantic 911 call in which the caller claimed they were Muslims who were speaking Arabic, but these particular Middle Eastern men were from Israel, speaking Hebrew, and were Jewish. In short, these were not the Muslims Trump is looking for, but they are the only religious group to be seen acting in a celebratory fashion in New Jersey.

“I was in tears. These guys were joking and that bothered me,” one employee of the moving company said when asked about his coworkers, who he says are primarily of the Jewish faith. “These guys were like, ‘Now America knows what we go through.”

While not in New Jersey, another group of religious people celebrated the attacks, but these ones are inconvenient for Trump’s narrative, as well – -because they are Christians. In fact, this sect of Christian extremists has continued to celebrate 9/11 over the years. Of course, we’re talking about the Westboro Baptist Church. Since 2001, WBC has repeatedly called the attacks a “gift from God” and even honored its “anniversary” by spouting hate speech against gay people:


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On the attacks’ tenth anniversary, the Christian cult even went to Ground Zero to sing “Happy Birthday” to September 11.


Westboro has been in a state of perpetual celebration since September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, while this is easily verifiable (unlike Trump’s claim that “thousands” of Muslims took to the streets of America in celebration), conservatives will continue to desperately cling to their childish notion that any time the facts don’t fit their narrative, it is the result of a gigantic conspiracy against them rather than reality repudiating their assertions.

Trump has yet to find even a single piece of evidence to support his claim that scores and scores and scores of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated 9/11 — while also completely failing to even mention representatives of the two other major religions doing exactly that.

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