This Hilarious Video Shows That Christian And Islamic Fundamentalists Are Made For Each Other (VIDEO)

A four-minute video making the rounds on social media is hilariously demonstrating just how much Christian fundamentalists have in common with Islamic fundamentalists.

Created by Syrian Republic, the video begins with a pro-Confederate Christian fundamentalist from Texas aiming a shotgun at an AK-47-toting Islamic fundamentalist in Afghanistan. They are insulting each other, threatening to wipe out each other’s countries, until they discover that their religions and beliefs are actually very compatible.

They first discover that both of their gods are the gods of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. “Allah just means God,” the Islamic extremist tells his Christian counterpart.

The Christian extremist shows admiration for the AK-47 and learns that the Islamic extremist killed some communists with it, which only makes his admiration grow. Then they both realize they have a shared hatred of President Obama and a desire to overthrow the American government and replace it with a theocracy where prayer and God rule. The Christian extremist is also “so jelly” that the Islamic extremist has killed foreigners crossing the borders of his country.

Then the Islamic extremist’s wife interrupts and is told to get back in the kitchen where she belongs, which really gives the Christian extremist a hard-on because he also believes women should stay in the kitchen raising children. “This country is full of sluts,” he claims. “And God’s judgment upon them will be harsh.”

“This is what I’ve been saying all along,” the Islamic extremist replies.

Cheesy music begins to play, and it becomes quite clear that both extremists have actually fallen in love with each other. In the end, the Islamic extremist tells his new love, “You complete me,” and the Christian extremist responds, “You had me at jihad.”

Here’s the video via Facebook.

Christian fundamentalists and Takfiris have a lot in common. They’re two sides of the same coin. #HappyEnding #Wait4It

Posted by Syrian Republic on Friday, November 27, 2015

It’s certainly true that both sets of extremists have much in common. It’s also pretty damned scary. Basically, Christian fundamentalists in America are the equivalent of ISIS in the Middle East. And one thing the video left out is that both have no problem with committing acts of terrorism to press their oppressive agenda.

That is why is more important than ever before to support the separation of church and state and reject the agenda of Christian fundamentalists who would gladly shred our Constitution and replace it with the Bible. Because in the end, the Islamic extremists would cheer them on if it means destroying the United States. Only it would be destroyed from within by the very people who claim to be true patriots. So, we are not only fighting ISIS overseas, we have to fight Christian extremists here at home. Because the two groups of extremists are equally dangerous. Always and forever.

Featured image via screen capture