Gun Nut Dad Sends School Into Lockdown After He Strolls In Carrying Firearm To Prove A Point

If you thought your parents were embarrassing when you were growing up, imagine being the child of a dad who sent her school into lockdown so he could prove a point about his love of the Second Amendment.

At a time when kindergartners are being gunned down in classrooms and the scourge of mass shootings is on everyone’s mind, one Michigan man felt it was his duty to terrify the students and teachers in his child’s elementary school by bringing in a loaded pistol when he arrived. The school’s staff at Homer Community School District reportedly questioned his intentions with the gun – as seems reasonable when your job is to protect children from being shot – and the parent, whom the police have not identified, grew indignant. According to him, even being asked about his weapon violated his right to bear arms and he insisted that it was his “right to have it there.” He did, however, eventually leave.

The Good Dad With A Gun isn’t exactly wrong, unfortunately. Michigan lawmakers recently had the bright idea to pass and enforce a law insisting that schools allow people to carry guns on school property. In theory, this is so gun owners don’t feel oppressed. In practice, it makes actually working in the school a nightmare. Teachers are now expected to intuitively know whether a man wandering up to the front doors with a gun is there to murder children or just show off his new deadly toy. It’s a matter of life and death, but even asking a person with a gun about it is offensive.

Still concerned, the school district asked the Calhoun County Sheriff Department to follow up with the parent. Deputies reportedly tried to “convince him that it’s not a good thing — even though it might be one of his rights, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.” He was told to meet with the school the following Monday.

He clearly gave it a lot of thought because he showed up to the school on Monday… still carrying his ****ing gun. The school’s staff, reasonably concluding that this could pose an unsafe situation for kids, were forced to lock down the entire school.

Although the parent was receptive and showed up to the school for the meeting with [Superintendent Robert] Wright, he brought a holstered gun again.

“And lo and behold, he showed up with his weapon holstered … it was never out of the holster,” Wright said. “And at that point I had to inform him that our protocol is that we go into lockdown just for pure safety of all of our students and staff, and so we went into lockdown at that point.”

“They asked him to sit in the front lobby and they went into lockdown,” Saxton said. “He left when he heard them go into lockdown.”

Insanely, this is considered “functional” in Michigan. The school was told by law enforcement officers to continue locking down the building each time someone comes into it with a gun. The law still says the school has to let those gun owners in. They legally aren’t allowed to enforce a rule that keeps guns out. And here we have another lesson in what it means to be free in America. Men are free to wander freely around an elementary school with a loaded weapon if they want to. Children are free to sit scared inside a locked classroom, avoiding windows and doors, waiting to find out if the guy outside is trying to murder them or just pick up his son or daughter for soccer practice.

What a healthy system.

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