Oregon Bakery Owners Cry Persecution After Finally Paying Damages To Lesbian Couple

Just think, if Aaron and Melissa Klein had simply baked the cake, they wouldn’t be paying any damages at all, nor would they be a national laughingstock.

But they chose to discriminate against Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer and begin a campaign of harassment against them instead, which is why a judge ordered them to pay damages in the amount of $135,000 six months ago.

The Kleins have been in an ongoing legal battle since refusing to bake a cake for the wedding of the lesbian couple. The Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners claim they refused because of their religious beliefs, and have gladly taken hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations from anti-gay conservative “Christians” ever since.

However, it wasn’t the cake that really caused the Kleins’ legal woes. After the Bowman-Cryers filed suit against Sweet Cakes, the Kleins gave out their address and phone number, which led to the Bowman-Cryers receiving death threats and having their safety put in serious jeopardy.

So the Kleins were ordered to pay up to the Bureau of Labor and Industries, and they refused to comply with the judgment for six months until Monday when Aaron Klein finally walked into the state agency and dropped off a check for $136,927.07, including the accruing interest.

The Associated Press also reports that Klein paid $7,000 earlier in the month.

But Melissa Klein and Fox News blowhard Todd Starnes are crying persecution, claiming that the $7,000 was seized from their accounts by Oregon officials for refusing to pay the damages they had been ordered to pay.

Klein claimed that “everything’s gone,” including an alleged account she calls “God’s money” meant for tithing. But the Associated Press, which is a far more reputable source than Fox News, reported that Aaron Klein paid the $7,000 himself. Furthermore, the Kleins aren’t exactly suffering like they want us all to believe. They’ve been begging for donations on the Internet and it’s been a lucrative operation for them. On one donation page alone they reached 274 percent over their goal of $150,000. That means they received $411,000 for being complete bigots, more than enough money to pay their fine, tithe, and live comfortably for many years without having to work.

It’s time for the Kleins to shut up and go away instead of fighting a legal battle that they are certain to lose. They discriminated against a gay couple in violation of Oregon law and then led a campaign of harassment against them that put the couple’s lives in danger. Not only should the Kleins have been ordered to pay damages, they should be in jail. And they certainly should not be allowed to keep the small fortune in donations they have collected. That money should be seized and put to good use like to LGBT youth organizations or the Human Rights Campaign. Nobody should be able to get rich by being hateful bigots when their are families in this world who truly need donations after suffering tragedies.

Unlike those families, the Kleins didn’t suffer a tragedy. They brought all of their woes on themselves by failing to follow the teachings of Jesus to love their fellow humans no matter what.

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