Police Dog Attacks Infant Girl After Cops Detain The Wrong Guy (VIDEO)

In what has to be one of the biggest police screw-ups ever (and there are many), officers in Henderson, Nevada knowingly set a police dog loose on a man’s vehicle after they already verified that he wasn’t the suspect they were after. It turns out that there was a 17-month-old girl in the car, and the K9 bit her causing the little girl to scream in horror over and over.  The entire incident was all caught on video.

Just before the horrific action occurred you can hear one of the cops say on the video:

“You’re okay, just relax. They thought that you were involved in a robbery. You don’t look like the person so it’s okay now, okay?”

But, right after this, the video shows officers letting their dog loose on the man’s vehicle and little girl. It just doesn’t make any sense. A little girl in the car or not, why take any further action against this man?

It’s reasons like these that give cops a bad name. The incident occurred on Jan. 30 of last year, but the City of Henderson sat on the video for almost a year. They only just now released it after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Las Vegas Review-Journal; otherwise, it might have never been seen.

Aside from the fact that there was no reason to search the man’s car in the first place, it turns out that no robbery had even occurred that day. Police were responding to a call from a health food store owner who said that someone had “threatened” to rob him after they got upset over not being able to return some protein powder. The customer, in fact, left the scene without incident. All the cops needed to do was interview the store owner, but instead, this is the result. It’s a complete embarrassment, pure and simple.

Here’s a picture showing the girl’s right arm with nine small puncture wounds, courtesy of KSNV News:

Pic via KSNV

Pic via KSNV

Despite an obvious injustice occurring, Police Chief Patrick Moers parsed his words not to seem too harsh towards his officers:

“The dog may have been used too quickly and there could have been additional communication among officers prior use.”

May have? Could have? There’s something seriously wrong with the way this man is running his department.

Arturo Arenas received a $13,000 settlement from the city to go towards the child’s medical bills, but he still doesn’t have closure for why this was allowed to happen to him and his daughter.

“I don’t understand why it happened. I believe they are suppose to be trained for this situation. I practically didn’t see any trained officers. My daughter wakes up many times in the middle of the night scared. She occasionally wakes up crying.”

Pic via KSNV

Pic via KSNV

Featured image via screen capture.