Watch The Moment A White Teacher Gets SCHOOLED By His Student On Racism’s True Meaning (VIDEO)

A brilliant moment where a high school student turned the tables and gave her white male teacher a much-needed lesson on racism has been caught on camera and is currently going viral.

The video, which surfaced on the But That’s None of My Business Facebook page, shows a young woman of color confronting her teacher during a presentation, for what appears to be his assertion that white people can also become victims of racism.

The female student calls him out on his misinformed position and explains to him that it is impossible for white people to experience racism, because white people have never once faced systemic oppression or been discriminated against or disenfranchised by institutions. She offered a heated explanation:

“Racism is based on the systematic oppression of people. White people have never suffered that. Yeah, you’ve tried to say it’s possible. Yeah, in the future it’s possible to like have some sort of systematic oppression of white people. But it’s never happened. So you saying it’s not going to be up for argument, it’s kind of like you, as a white man, saying what is and what is not racist. And that’s what’s been happening throughout this century.”

Many of her fellow students, most of which also appear to be people of color, begin applauding right before she adds, “So for you to tell me that, it doesn’t make me believe you, because that’s what’s been said to us for so long.”

You can watch her powerful lesson below:

Without a doubt, the parents of this young girl deserve a hand for raising such a socially aware teenager who not only understands white privilege and systemic racism, but possesses enough courage to dispute and educate an adult in power when they are painfully wrong and ignorant.

It would have been amazing if the entire discussion had been caught on camera, but it’s safe to say that this student is probably more capable of teaching a class on racism than her teacher.

Featured image is a screenshot