Texas Newspapers Humiliate Ted Cruz By Endorsing ANYONE But Him For President

Ted Cruz is so hated that even his home state newspapers will endorse anyone but him and what they had to say about him is absolutely embarrassing.

Despite being the only presidential candidate from the Lone Star State, the three major newspapers in Texas refused to endorse the Tea Party Senator, citing his dangerous agenda.

According to the San Antonio Express-News,

“The freshman senator has demonstrated a frightening willingness to push the American economy to the brink of disaster to pursue his ideological agenda — even when he clearly does not have the votes to get his way…The freshman senator’s methodical run for the White House is obviously well-planned, but Cruz’s self-centered approach has thoroughly alienated even his Republican Senate colleagues. And that is obviously a recipe for a weak, unsuccessful administration. He lacks the temperament to be president.

Instead, the newspaper reluctantly endorsed Jeb Bush, writing that he’s “not the flashiest candidate in the crowded Republican presidential field. And he lacks the mischievous charm that his older brother, George W. Bush, used to navigate his way through campaign obstacles.”

That really sounds like a ringing endorsement, doesn’t it?

The Dallas Morning News also rejected Cruz, writing in their endorsement of “crusty” and “irritable” Ohio Governor John Kasich that, “As much as we’d like to see a Texan in the White House, we fear that Cruz’s brand of politics is more about disruption than governing and threatens to take the Republican Party to a dark place. As we’ve written before, continuing obstructionist paths might excite primary voters, but it won’t benefit the nation or the conservative cause.”

The Houston Chronicle echoed their rival newspapers, piling on the criticism of Ted Cruz while joining the San Antonio Express-News by endorsing Bush as well.

“He may not be a great candidate,” the Chronicle conceded, “but he would be a great nominee – and a capable president,” the paper continued in an obviously desperate bid to endorse anyone but Cruz, whom they slammed as “disastrous for the Republican Party, disastrous for the nation.”

Jeb Bush and John Kasich are currently polling in single digits nationally as Cruz and Trump continue to lead the field with their brand of conservative lunacy that appeals to a large swath of right-wing voters who just want to light a match and watch the country burn.

But it’s truly hilarious that even Texas newspapers don’t have the stomach to endorse to Cruz. It should be embarrassing for him, but he hates the free press so he probably doesn’t care. Hopefully voters will care enough to stop supporting him.

Featured Image: Nation of Change