WATCH: Donald Trump GOES OFF On Fraud Victims Whose Lives Were Ruined By His Fake University (VIDEO)

Donald Trump pretty much goes ballistic anytime someone says something bad about his precious Trump University, a failed real estate investment seminar that is now facing multiple class-action lawsuits from approximately 5,000 attendees, calling the school out for being a scam.

On Monday, the Republican front runner took his characteristic bullying to a new level when he released a video in which he threatened the victims behind the fraud charges. In the video, Trump creepily sits alone in a dark room for three minutes and defends his beloved “university” – despite the fact that even he himself has admitted that it was a scam.

Specifically calling out two former attendees of the “University” who have publicly stated that they were ripped off, the business mogul made a disturbing threat that shows just how shady he is when it comes to his business endeavors: cross me and I will name you so my insane Twitter followers can harass you.

Trump went as far as to hold up supposed positive evaluation forms from the two fraud victims named in the video, stating that their forms would be used in court. He said, “When they are on the stand, they will be shown and shown [sic] these reports. Why would anybody settle a case when we have reports like this? I just can’t do it.”

Trump’s message gets even weirder when he compares his battle against the fraud charges to America, although it’s not really clear what the hell he means. Trump said:

“And you know what? The United States should fight back also. We shouldn’t just be settlers, we should fight back. And do what’s right.”

You can watch Trump’s message below:

The victims Trump speaks of have both appeared in ads paid for by the American Future Fund, a nonprofit conservative group with connection to the billionaire Koch brothers. In those ads, the victims describe how they spend over $30,000 for seminars at Trump University, and did not get any of the education the university promised them. One of the men said in the ad:

“Trump University ruined my credit, and it ruined my life.”

And now by naming and exposing this attendee to all of his Twitter followers, Trump has ruined his life once again – and couldn’t care less. Let’s hope that conservative Americans will wake up and prevent Trump from ruining the lives of every American soon.


Featured image via Gage Skidmore