Meet The ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Who Was Shot In The Back By Her 4-Year-Old While Driving (VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS)

Meet Florida resident Jamie Gilt. Everyone say “Hi, Jamie!” Jamie is many things. She’s a Ted Cruz supporter. She’s a pro-gun advocate who runs a narcissistically-named pro-gun Facebook page called “Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense,” apparently named thusly to mock firearm safety groups. According to her Facebook likes she is an admirer of the Tea Party, she’s a horse enthusiast, thinks Hillary Clinton belongs in prison, and admirers the terrorist group who engaged in an armed standoff with the federal government at Bundy Ranch. She’s also exactly the sort of person who would leave a loaded gun within arm’s reach of a 4-year-old.

On Tuesday afternoon, a Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputy noticed a woman behaving frantically inside her four-door pickup truck. The officer quickly realized that a woman inside the vehicle had been shot, according to Captain Joseph Wells. The woman explained to the officer that she had been shot by her four-year-old son as he sat in the back seat of the car while the two traveled to her sister’s home to pick up a horse.

“She was shot through the seat and the round went through her back,” Wells said, noting that there were no holes in the back of the truck, which had a horse trailer hitched to the back. The child was not strapped into his booster seat when the deputy found Gilt.

“There was a booster seat in the back of the vehicle, but however the boy was not strapped in when the deputy got to them,” Wells said. Investigators are working to determine if the child was strapped in at the time of the shooting.

Gilt’s Facebook profile is filled with posts supporting Ted Cruz, whom she says has the longest history of protecting gun rights among the 2016 field, as well as numerous other right-wing posts ranging from “wildly inaccurate” to “completely f*cking stupid” to “downright insane.” One post in particular has been drawing attention, however. Gily uploaded a photo on March 6 — days before the shooting — that depicted two scary criminals who “are breaking into your home to rob you, rape your children, and kill your dog.” The ammosexual gun advocate  remarked that “being dead” might “change their plans.”2016-03-09_1-36-11

In the comments below the meme, Gilt cheerfully declares that all her children “know how to shoot” — something her 4-year-old proved after she left a loaded gun within arm’s reach of him. “Even my 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22.,” she wrote in response to someone who praised her “spirit and patriotic attitude.”

She was shot with a .45-caliber handgun, depriving the world of the most ironic Facebook post of the week.


While some may argue that she is a “responsible gun owner” who was simply an unfortunate victim of circumstance and bad luck, that she would never treat a gun like a toy, a tweet from last year reveals that she considers her guns to be exactly that — toys. This is surely a belief she passes down to her children, including the one who shot her.


Gilt isn’t just an idiot about guns — she’s full-blown, Jesus-Christ-What-The-F*ck-Weapons-Grade-Stupid. Here is just a small sampling of her Facebook posts, one of which claims that “it” — presumably the Revolution — is “inevitable at this point” because one of the Oregon terrorists was shot after he attempted to pull a gun on law enforcement:

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Gilt’s pro-gun page is filled with similar bullsh*t:

2016-03-09_2-12-23 2016-03-09_2-18-37

The NRA tells us that people like Gilt are ready to hop into action at a moment’s notice to save us from the “bad guys with guns” — and Gilt certainly thinks of herself as the mythical “Good Guy With a Gun,” a warrior sent by God herself to defend the citizenry from tyranny. The truth is that she should not have access to weapons if she can not prevent her children from having access to weapons — period.

Gilt is in stable condition. The child is in the care of family and the Department of Children and Families has been notified of this completely preventable monumental act of stupidity. Wells says there will be no criminal charges because the shooting is being investigated as “accidental.” However, things may change depending on how the boy managed to get ahold of the weapon.

Watch a report on the shooting below: