President Obama Just Did Something Amazing To Help The Poor With The Cost Of Raising Kids

If you’ve ever raised a child while living in poverty you know the struggles it entails. Food and formula are expensive, but often there is help available. Clothing needs change week to week it seems, but again, help is available through charitable organizations and often times family hand-me-downs. Shelter, utilities; all the things people who have never experienced being poor take for granted become not just necessities but a constant source of worry.

There is one particular item that poverty is not kind to: disposable diapers. Diapers are often all that stand between your child being warm, dry and comfortable and in complete misery. For far too many parents, this one commodity has to sometimes be treated like a luxury due to the cost. You’re faced with a dilemma from the moment you walk into the store to that first changing afterward: Do you buy the cheap store brand that will need to be changed immediately or do you invest in premium brands that your child can wear a little bit longer if she just had a little bit of a pee?

The Diaper Gap

Think that’s an exaggeration or a choice nobody makes? Think again. Diapers are expensive and they go fast. Getting as many miles as possible out of a wet diaper is a choice poor parents are faced with every day.

The Obama administration has unveiled a plan to aid non-profit companies in streamlining the packaging and sale of disposable diapers to low-income families. According to the White House blog, one in three families struggle with the cost of diapers. Under the new program, which should be underway by the end of April, non-profits will save big buying diapers in bulk, allowing them to distribute them to families at costs about 25 percent less than retail.

The Diaper Gap

That 25 percent means more diaper changes and happier, cleaner babies. Thanks, Obama.

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