Oklahoma House Votes To Let Domestic Abusers Open Carry Guns – Because Jesus (VIDEO)

You know what would be really stupid? If a group of legislators got together and said, “Hey, you know what would be a good idea? Allowing violent people who beat their wives and children to openly carry firearms.” This idea seems so ridiculous that even the most die-hard Second Amendment cheerleaders could not stand behind it — but that’s exactly what happened in the Oklahoma House of Representatives Thursday.

House Bill 3098, authored by state Rep. Jeff Coody (R-Insane), that carrying a firearm is a right guaranteed by both the Constitution and God. According to Coody and the bill’s co-authors, Bible-believing Christians have a right to defend themselves. Coody says that the Second Amendment is the most important thin in the Bill of Rights, which can not be infringed upon — even, of course, if someone beats his entire family with a crowbar.

“It’s the ultimate freedom bill regarding open carry,” Coody said of his bill, with Rep Jeff Bennett adding that “It’s our God-given right to defend ourself.”

“Is it a good idea to let anyone carry a gun, even if they don’t know how to use it or even where the safety is?” Democratic Rep. Emily Virgin asked during debate on the bill — but Coody shut her down with a burst of stupidity:

“The key word is ‘let.’ Somehow we’ve gotten the idea that the government has to give us permission to exercise our freedoms. That is totally antithetical to me.”

The bill precludes felons from open carry, but does not prevent those under domestic violence protective orders from waving their firearms around. In addition, it does not require safety course, training, or anything that a reasonable person would consider necessary for responsible firearm use. Asked why gun owners are not required to receive training, Coody explained:

“Because driving is privilege. The Second Amendment is a constitutional right.”

“But what about my safety?” Rep. Mike Brown asked. “Doesn’t the government have a responsibility to protect me?”

“No,” Coody said, asserting that more guns make people safer even though rapes in Oklahoma are at a 10-year high since the state passed a concealed carry law. Coody might be interested to know that regularions in the automobile industry drastically reduced deaths-by-car between 1950 and 2014, proving that reasonable safety regulations can have a very positive effect. Interestingly, the government did not enact a massive car-grab, and people are still able to drive if they receive the proper training and licensing — just as it should be with guns.

While we might expect that Republicans could compromise, they have already done so. The bill originally removed licensing and training requirements for concealed carry, as well. The bill passed with an astounding 73-15 vote, with 13 abstaining.

Coody’s legislation will now go to the state Senate, where hopefully it will be modified to include training requirement, or at least prevent domestic abusers from marching with their gun on display 301 feet from their victims’ houses — or killed altogether. If that doesn’t happen, Rep. Virgin has a sobering prediction:

“Guns and domestic violence are main problems. Women die of it every day. Increasing access to guns without training, without background checks, women will die because of that.”

Watch a report on this dangerous bill below:

Featured image via ThinkProgress/Shouse Law Group