Legendary Investigative Journalist Carl Bernstein Confirms Trump Is A Fascist (VIDEO)

Veteran investigative reporter Carl Bernstein outed Donald Trump as a fascist on Sunday, and if you don’t believe him just Google the definition of fascism and you’ll see he’s right.

During an appearance on CNN, Bernstein was asked by Brian Stelter why he thinks Trump is a neo-fascist and the former Washington Post reporter who broke the Watergate scandal wide open in the 1970s obliged.

“It is a difficult term, and the word “neo” has a lot to do with it — meaning a new kind of fascist in our culture, dealing with an authoritarian demagogic point of view,” Bernstein began.

“Nativist, racist, anti-immigrant bigotry that he appeals to. I think we need to look to the past –and I’m not talking about Hitlerism and genocide. I’m not drawing a direct paralel to Mussolini.

But it is a kind of American fascism we haven’t seen before. This goes beyond George Wallace, who was merely a racist. This goes to authoritarianism and the desire for a strong man who doesn’t trust the institutions and democracy and government.”

Bernstein then slammed the media for not examining Trump and fascism more closely during this campaign.

“We now need on cable news to have a debate, a historical debate on what fascism was and is and how Donald Trump fits in the picture. Because it is something very foreign to our political cutltue in terms of the 20th, 21st century. That’s going on in print and online but it is not part of our debate on cable. No interviewer as far as I know has asked Donald Trump, what is fascism, Mr. Trump, how are you different from the fascist message?”

When asked to confirm that he is calling Trump a neo-fascist, Bernstein responded in the affirmative, pointing out that Trump incites violence at his rallies and uses a methodology similar to ones used by fascist leaders of the past, which includes nativism. Berstein also stressed that up to now he had never used the term to “describe a living American politician.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Bernstein isn’t the first to point out that Donald Trump is acting an awful lot like a fascist.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah also perfectly demonstrated how Trump is a fascist.

Fascism is “a cult of action, celebrating aggressive masculinity, fear of outsiders, intense nationalism, intolerance of criticism, and resentment of national humiliation” Noah and the Daily Show team discovered. “I’m shitting myself,” Noah remarked. “It all lines up so perfectly, doesn’t it? It almost stops being funny as you’re watching it.”

And even actor George Clooney called Trump a fascist during an interview with The Guardian earlier this month.

And quite frankly, Bernstein, Noah, and Clooney are all correct when they say Donald Trump is a fascist. For months, Trump has viciously attacked immigrants and journalists while bragging about his masculinity and how America needs to be a bully in the world. He has also adopted anti-women rhetoric and even managed to lead his supporters into pledging themselves to him with a Nazi salute that looked eerily like something out of Nazi Germany.

Make no mistake, Trump is scary and he is only becoming more frightening as he moves closer to winning the Republican nomination. We could, indeed, be watching the first fascist rise to national power in the United States. Don’t believe me? Just click here.

And if you need any more proof, consider this. Earlier this month, a Holocaust survivor spoke up and said Trump reminded him a lot of Adolf Hitler. If that doesn’t make you believe Trump is a fascist who seriously threatens our nation, nothing will.


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