Trump Makes An Even Scarier Threat After Promising Riots: We’ll ‘Win With Our Second Amendment’ (VIDEO)

Republican front runner Donald Trump, who recently threatened America by saying there would be riots if he wasn’t made the GOP nominee, has just made an even more insane, terrifying prediction: he’s going to win with guns, pretty much giving the thumbs up to gun violence.

During a Saturday rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump made his supporters grand promises of how “we are going to win”. Amongst these promises was an ominous threat. Shouting over the crowd’s cheers, Trump yelled:

“We’re going to win with our Second Amendment. We’re gonna win big league with our Second Amendment!”

You can watch the unbelievable moment below, where Trump delights his gun-loving fanatics:

If Trump’s comments weren’t disturbing enough, this particular rally was also overcome by a horrendous amount of brutality. In once instance, police officers released pepper stray on anti-Trump protesters for little to no reason, arresting several. In another incident, a Trump fan drove a Jeep right through a crowd of protesters. Even on social media, Trump fans were calling for protesters to be “tear gassed and shot.”

Trump’s preference of using tactics such as bullying, violence and threats seem to be limitless — every week, he raises the bar and encourages his fans to up the ante, too. In the past, he’s promised to “ruin” the lives of protesters by arresting them, and vowed to pay any legal fees that may result from his supporters attacking protesters (and then denied it). Trump even threatened to punch a protester himself. All of these things have actually happened been said by Trump and many of them have happened — so the fact that he is riling up his loyal gun nut followers and talking about their Second Amendment rights is all the more terrifying. And let’s not forget that Trump actually said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and STILL rise in the polls.

Someone should probably tell the RNC that Ohio, where the GOP convention will take place this summer, is an open carry state. Since it’s not likely that the RNC will take the safety measures to prevent guns from coming into the convention, hopefully there will be enough ‘good guys with guns’ to take on Trump’s gun-toting minions if he doesn’t get the nomination.


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