Charles Koch Does A Brutally Honest Interview The Republican Party Isn’t Gonna Like (VIDEO)

Charles Koch sat down with ABC News and did an interview, during which he said it was “possible” that Hillary Clinton could be a better president than some of the Republicans still left. It was in no way an endorsement of Clinton. It was a well-worded question that elicited a noteworthy and honest response. That 30 seconds of reporting dominated the already slow news cycle while the meat of the Charles Koch interview went largely ignored.

Charles Koch doesn’t come across as many people think he should. He shows up in sweaters and comfy shoes looking like Mr. Rogers and being extremely passionate about his policy positions. What many people don’t understand is that the Koch Brothers, while massive and powerful beyond belief, are Libertarians. Libertarians want taxes gone. They want money out of politics because they think the government should be almost non-existent. In order to achieve this Libertarian Utopia, they first have to conquer the Republican Party, the only people who will give them a flat tax and deregulate everything.

Charles Koch admits that he benefits from a “rigged system.” He admits to all the money that is spent on corporate welfare and tax shelters for the wealthy. He admits that cronyism runs our country and he knows that the rich are getting richer and the poor have no chance. If you were to attach Charles Koch’s belief system to a liberal set of values you’d have Bill Gates meets Warren Buffet. Unfortunately, what you actually end up with is a grandfatherly figure whose sheer power won’t be stopped, it’ll be chatted about nicely in the den.

The Kochs lean to the right on enough issues that their money gets thrown at the Republican party. They want to eliminate the tax code, thinking it will put people on level playing field — or maybe just to keep more profits. They want regulation out of business, so free markets could thrive and regulate themselves — or maybe just to cut corners and save money. They want money out of politics, so they pour money into politics. The Kochs aren’t in danger of being aligned with Democrats, but if you listen to Charles tell it, if the Democratic party would come around on just a few things, they would see more Koch money. Yes, that’s a ridiculous notion. Charles Koch sits and talks about everyone taking care of one another while it was he and his brother who created the Tea Party and their bigotry and went to work in 2014 to see to it that everyone hated the poor and Ebola enough to vote red.

The Kochs have always backed Republicans, an investment Charles calls “disappointing.” He remembers the one time he asked for a political favor to shoot down a bill that was nothing but corporate tax breaks and fewer than 10 percent of the people they backed on the campaign trail came through when it was time to vote. The one time. Somehow it seems unlikely that a man who just confessed to raising half a billion dollars for political purposes has asked for more than one favor, but we’ll let Mr. Koch’s good character speak for itself (wink, wink).

They have apparently gotten tired of the Republican party, at least this time around. Charles is adamant that the mud-slinging ad-hominem festival of stupid that has been the GOP primary has not received a dime from their war chest. Not a single campaign on either side has reaped the benefits of Koch support. The only candidate Koch mentions by name is Bernie Sanders, who he says is at least addressing the issue of the two-tiered system and wealth inequality, though he can’t understand his methods. It’s difficult for a man who professes to be a “classic liberal” to consider putting the needs of the less fortunate first. If his barn is stocked with horses, his cupboards and refrigerator with food and his home stocked with creature comforts he’ll be in a much better position to help those who have struggled.

All in all, this interview doesn’t bode well for the GOP. They’re looking for almost a billion dollars from Koch’s PAC, which by his own estimate has only raised $200 million so far this year. The Republican party has certainly shown that it knows how to screw up a free lunch. When you can’t do something as simple as keeping your number one source of income in the game, you know the end is near.

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