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Deborah Montesano is a proud to be a lifelong liberal, a writer and blogger for liberal causes, and a social activist. She keeps leaning further and further to the left, trying to tilt her insanely red state of Arizona in the same direction. Along those lines, her husband describes her as a congenitally optimistic person, whether the evidence warrants it or not. Please join her on Facebook, twitter, @thepoliticali_1, or her blog,

No Murder Charges For Colo. Woman Who Cut Fetus From Womb, Focus Is On Brutal Assault Of Mother

Photo from Wilkins' family via GoFundMe.

Colorado has its attention on the right subject — the harm done to the mother in this a vicious assault.

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Bipartisan Reform Of Medicare? Yes, It Happened

Photo via Pixabay

Savor it while it lasts: bipartisan action on Medicare.

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Widow Makes Anguished Case For CA To Pass Right-To-Die Bill (VIDEO)

Screen shot from YouTube video

Deborah Reuter-Zsarko’s wife ‘didn’t need to suffer like she did.’ California’s legislature could save others from the same fate.

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SCOTUS Actually Issues A Decision In Favor Of Alabama’s Black Voters

Official White House photo by Pete Souza

Southern Republicans are trying to use the Voting Rights Act against black voters. The Supreme Court just took a step to stop them.

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Support Is Growing For Obama To Change Stance On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Official White House photo by Pete Souza

President is getting a wave of support for changing the game in the Middle East by letting Palestinians take their case to the United Nations.

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Times-Picayune Column Calls For Bobby Jindal’s Resignation

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

First Bobby Jindal’s foolish antics made him irrelevant to the national audience. Now he’s having the same effect in Louisiana.

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Reform Rabbi To American Jews: You Can Change What’s Happening In Israel

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Liberal American Jews need to know about this simple way to make a big impact on Israel.

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Obamacare Makes A Stunning Economic Impact: New Companies, More Jobs

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

In spite of all the obstacles imposed by the GOP, the Affordable Care Act has given the economy one helluva boost.

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Boehner Heading To Israel For ‘Victory Celebration’ With Netanyahu

Official Photo by Caleb Smith

This duplicitous pair will do anything to undermine peace. What they’re actually accomplishing may be a new unity of the American people — against them.

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Mesa Shooting Victim’s First Reaction? Take A Selfie

Photo posted to Twitter by Yihyun Jeong (@yihyun_jeong)

Isn’t this how everyone would react to being shot by a dangerous felon?

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Netanyahu’s Racism Won The Election And Destroyed Ties To The White House

Photo from

Benjamin Netanyahu revealed his true self in the final hours of his campaign with a blatantly racist appeal to the Israeli electorate. It worked in Israel, but for President Obama, it was a step too far.

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California’s Central Valley Is Sinking As Farmers Suck Water From Underground

Picture from U.S. Geologic Survey

Farmers are pumping as fast as they please, but the wells are running dry.

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What Do Liberals Want In A President? Maybe It’s Martin O’Malley

Photo from Martin O'Malley  For President Facebook page

Liberals need to get over being afraid if they want a candidate who’ll embrace their priorities.

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The Notorious R.B.G. Is Given (Another) Rockin’ T-shirt For Her Birthday

Feature photo from Twitter post by @AdamParkhomenko

Just how rad can a Supreme Court justice get?

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Netanyahu’s Government May Be On The Ropes Thanks To An Arab Politician

Photo from Ayman Odeh's Facebook page.

Netanyahu might actually be unseated this time, and by an Arab politician at that.

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Coming To Ferguson On April 7th: A Chance To Ditch The Status Quo

Photo by Chuck_MODI on Twitter.

The opportunity to shape the community is priceless.

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Rand Paul Might Have One Good Idea For 2016: Snapchat (VIDEO)

Rand Paul Might Have One Good Idea For 2016: Snapchat (VIDEO)

Senator Rand Paul’s recent use of Snapchat may leave his fellow conservatives scratching their heads but, he may actually be on to something.

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Robert Downey, Jr. Delivers An ‘Iron Man’ Arm To Boy With Birth Defect (VIDEO)

Screenshot from YouTube video

Check out the awesome meeting between Iron Man and a boy who got his very own “bionic arm.”

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Anti-Islamic, Right-Wing Group Wins Right To Plaster Hate Ads On Philly’s Buses

Photo from Stop Islamization of America Facebook page.

This judge actually ruled in favor of a hate group.

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Univ. of Ala. Students Defy ‘The Machine,’ Elect Black Student Government President

Photo from 'Elliot Spillers for SGA President' Facebook page.

A white secret society suffers a rare loss as Alabama students vote for inclusion.

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