Articles by: Deborah Montesano
Deborah Montesano is a proud to be a lifelong liberal, a writer and blogger for liberal causes, and a social activist. She keeps leaning further and further to the left, trying to tilt her insanely red state of Arizona in the same direction. Along those lines, her husband describes her as a congenitally optimistic person, whether the evidence warrants it or not. Please join her on Facebook, twitter, @thepoliticali_1, or her blog,

8th Grade Feminist Is The Winner In Dispute With Narrow-Minded School Officials

Photo via Instagram

This girl is so savvy about feminism. Let’s help her pass it on.

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Nebraska Conservatives Battle One Another Over Repeal Of Death Penalty

Photo from Conservative Concerned About the Death Penalty on Facebook

If only all conservatives were like this coalition in Nebraska, the country could get moving again.

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That Plan For The Bible To Become Tennessee’s State Book: Derailed

Photo via Wikipedia

The state senate might have stopped the bill for wing-nut reasons, but at least they stopped it.

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Ted Cruz’s Crazy Cuban Father Preaches That Diversity Is Un-American (VIDEO)

Photo from 'Right Wing Watch' video

Just what America has always needed : A Cuban immigrant to explain the evils of diversity.

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Obama’s Move On Cuba Is A Win For America, But A Loss For Rubio

Photo by Emmanuel Huybrechts

Rubio’s loss, the world’s gain.

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Man Reacts To Accidental Death Of Toddler By Shooting And Killing Two (VIDEO)

Screenshot from Youtube video

America’s tolerance for gun violence has claimed two more innocent lives.

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Seattle’s ‘Up’ House, Symbol Of Corporate Defiance, Is About To Be Sold (VIDEO)

Photo from the Edith Macefield House Facebook page

Up, up and away. Does everything eventually yield in the face of corporate encroachment?

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New Mexico Just Pulled The Plug On ‘Policing For Profit’

Photo from Americans For Forfeiture Reform Facebook page

Whatever happened to due process?

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Bill Maher Offers Elizabeth Warren $1,000,000 To Run For President (VIDEO)

Screenshot from YouTube video

A grassroots movement that starts with $1,000,000? Why not.

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Arizona’s Polygamous Moms Throw Chickens To Keep Former Cult Member From Retrieving Her Kids (VIDEO)

Screenshot from ABC video.

Well, when chickens are all you’ve got …

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North Charleston Mayor Orders Body Cameras For Every Officer As Protests Grow

Photo by Colin Dialed via Twitter.

May Walter Scott’s death bring an end to the abuse of police power in North Charleston.

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Ferguson, MO Voters Defy Predictions, Elect A City Council That’s Half Black

Photo by Keith Rose via Twitter

The voters prove change is possible!

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Homeless Men Accused Of Assault Pled Guilty, Then A Video Changed Everything (VIDEO)

Screenshot from YouTube video by Bryan Hamilton

The homeless are among the most powerless members of our society — a setup for false accusations.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Bought A Belize Island To Help The Environment And ‘Change The World’

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Environmental activism for the 1%. What a life!

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No, Yoga In Public Schools Is NOT Turning Kids Into Hindus, Says California Appeals Court

Photo by Ilona

It’s a bad week for Christians’ “religious freedom.” They can’t even triumph over yoga.

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Leading Israeli Paper Says Agreement With Iran Is ‘Not A Bad Deal’

Photo from U.S. Dept. of State via Wikipedia

The Israeli paper Haaretz thinks Israel will have a hard time fighting the new agreement. Netanyahu wasted no time in trying.

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Atheists Now Have A Safe Haven In Madison, Wisconsin

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Discrimination against atheists in America is so severe that more people say they don’t believe in God than will say they are atheists. Madison, Wis. is the first U.S. city to do something about it.

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Federal Judge Halts South Dakota’s Abuse Of Native Families

Photo from Lakota People's Law Project Facebook page

The Native families of South Dakota have suffered immense disruptions because of governmental abuse. A federal judge has just come to their aid.

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Joe Biden’s Done It Again – This Time On Who Can Keep American Jews Safe

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

In exquisitely bad timing, the release of Joe Biden’s remarks can do nothing but undermine his boss.

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Pharmacists Take A Vote: No More Participation In Executions

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Executions are about to get messier as healthcare professionals refuse to help.

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