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Open Carry Gun Nuts Converge On Dallas To Bring ‘Freedom’ To #FreddieGray Protesters

Featured image: Murdoch Pizgatti/Facebook.

It’s a good thing those open carry guys showed up for the protests in Dallas. You never know what those marauding mothers might do.

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Third World America: Manufacturing Jobs Return Because U.S. Workers Are Cheaper Now (VIDEO)

Manufacturing jobs return to U.S.:  Photo of Factory worker public Domain 1942, Howard R. Hollem via Wikipedia.

The good news? Manufacturing jobs are returning to the U.S. The bad news? It’s only because our workers have gotten so cheap. Thank you, GOP.

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Insanity: GOP Gov. Calls In State Guard In Case Obama Plans To Invade Texas (VIDEO)

Texas Gov. calls in state guard to "monitor" U.S. military training exercise in Bastrop County. Featured photo: cc 2015 Markus Rauchenberger/U.S. Army.

Yup. Gov. Abbot’s calling in the state guard in case that military training is really Obama’s attempt to invade Texas and take its guns away.

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Israel Deports African Immigrants Illegally; ISIS Kills Them (VIDEO)

Featured photo: Video screen grab/CNN.

Among the Ethiopian Christians beheaded by ISIS were three Eritrean refugees who’d sought asylum in Israel. How did they wind up in Libya?

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Anti-Gay ‘Christian’ Leaders Demand ‘Immoral’ Justices Abstain From Gay Marriage Case (VIDEO)

Featured image: ScottLively.Net.

What can these anti-gay bigots masquerading as “Christian” leaders do to stop gay couples getting legally married in all 50 states? Nothing.

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Fox Guest: Atheists Shouldn’t Run For President Because They Lack ‘A Set Of Core Beliefs’ (VIDEO)

photo with Father Jonathan Morris: Screen grab/Fox & Friends.

Fox guest Fr. Jonathan Morris: Atheists shouldn’t run for president because ‘it’s hard to trust’ someone who doesn’t fear eternal damnation.

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Insane ‘Taxpayer’ Assaults Firefighters With 3-Minute Rant For Buying Groceries (VIDEO)

Featured photo with angry "taxpayer" haranguing Butte County, Calif. firefighters: Anna Olson/YouTube.

All we know about the ignorant jerk who subjected these firefighters to a tirade of abuse is he really hates taxes.

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Yet Another Police Force In Missouri Goes Ballistic Over Newly Elected Black Female Mayor (VIDEO)

Yet Another Police Force In Missouri Goes Ballistic Over Newly Elected Black Female Mayor (VIDEO)

So you really think racism and misogyny still isn’t a “thing” in this country? Get a load of this.

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Washington Cop Charged With Collecting Child Porn And Sexting A Minor…While At Work (VIDEO)

Featured photo with Don Glunt mugshot: Video screen grab/Fox Q13.

Ex-cop Don Glunt claims the girl said she was 19 and those child porn photos were for a presentation on fighting sex crimes against children.

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Cop Shoots Cell Phone-Wielding Black Man 4 Times In The Back Because He Feels Threatened (VIDEO)

Featured image: Video screen grab/Contact 5.

If police can shoot you for getting your cell phone out of your pocket, they can shoot you for pretty much anything.

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Climate Change Alert: 2015 Shapes Up To Be Hottest Year Ever (VIDEO)

Featured image for climate change: Composite with chairs cc 2007 Bbadgett/Wikimedia Commons and Fire cc 2009 Cameron Strandberg/Wikimedia Commons.

While 56 percent of Republicans in Congress deny climate change exists, 2015 shapes up to be the hottest year on record.

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CEO Slashes Own Pay To Raise All Wages To $70,000, And Business Is Booming (VIDEO)

Featured photo with Gravity CEO Dan Price/CNN Money.

You won’t believe what Gravity CEO Dan Price overheard after his $70K wage hike. ‘This is the best money I’ve ever spent in my life,’ he told CNN.

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Mother Mourns Child Lost In OKC Bombing, Yet We Still Ignore Right-Wing Terror Threat (VIDEO)

Image with shattered Oklahoma City federal building and Baylee Almon, a child who died in the OKC bombing: Composite/video screen grabs/Shepard Smith Reporting/Fox News.

‘I miss her every day,’ Baylee Almon’s still-grieving mother tells Fox 20 years after the OKC bombing. Yet right-wing terror remains a threat.

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Hilarious Video Reveals 56% Of Congress GOPers Suffer ‘Climate Change Denial Disorder’ (VIDEO)

Featured photo: Composite with screen grabs via Funny or Die's Climate Change Denial Disorder video.

Hilarious video: 170 Republicans in the House and Senate suffer ‘Climate Change Denial Disorder.’ Is yours one of them?

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Furious Anti-Vaxxers Send ‘Forced Vaccines’ Bill Sponsor Death Threats (VIDEO)

Furious Anti-Vaxxers Send ‘Forced Vaccines’ Bill Sponsor Death Threats (VIDEO)

“They’re basically trying to silence us,” Calif. Sen. Richard Pan said after receiving death threats from anti-vaxxers. “It’s disturbing.”

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Calif. Anti-Vaxxers Block ‘Forced Vaccines’ Bill, But Schools Still Have This One Trick (VIDEO)

Featured image for anti-vaxxer article: Composite with CDC/NIP/Barbara Rice via Wikipedia and screen shot of notice posted by the Albany, Calif. school district for anti-vaxxer parents.

How can California schools protect vulnerable children when anti-vaxxers just blocked a bill that would mandate vaccines? They’ve got ways.

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Hot Mic: Britney Spears Caught Calling Out Fat-Shaming Heckler, And It Was Glorious (VIDEO)

Featured image: Composite with Britney Spears photo cc 2011 Jen/Wikimedia Commons and video screen grab/Ballerno'Em/YouTube.

It takes a special kind of jerk to fork up upwards of $100 dollars for the dubious pleasure of calling Britney Spears a “fat b*tch.”

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Here’s What Real Liberalism Looks Like: Bernie Sanders Blasts Billionaire Super PACs (VIDEO)

Featured image: Composite with Citizens United and Bernie Sanders illustrations/DonkeyHotey/Flickr.

Bernie Sanders on Super PACs and the power of the billionaire class: “We’ve got huge crowds, and people are saying ‘enough is enough.'”

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In Defiance Of Federal Law, Tennessee’s GOP House Votes Bible As ‘Official State Book’ (VIDEO)

Featured image/Composite: Head of Tenn. Rep. Jerry Sexton from his Facebook page; Body with man holding Bible and crucifix/Pixgood; Tennessee state flag/cc 2010 Thomas R Machnitzki via Wikimedia Commons.

Separation of church and state? Screw that. If at first you don’t “secede”, try, try again.

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Crappy-Paying Jobs And Stingy Lawmakers Are What’s Straining Our Welfare System, Not Poor People

Featured image/Composite: Frazzled woman with low wage job at Walmart/Image Arcade. One-percenter and former CEO Mitt Romney laughing/Soda Head.

Conservatives love going on about how those welfare “takers” need to get off their butts and get a job…But guess what?

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