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Right-Wing Radio Host Finds Way To Blame McKinney Pool Party On Obama (VIDEO)

Photo of Bryan Fischer ranting: Video screen grab/Right Wing Watch.

Is there NOTHING conservatives won’t blame on President Obama?

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Police Murder Yet Another Young Black Man, This Time By Suicide (VIDEO)

Photo:  Video screen grab/ Democracy Now/HuffPo Live.

In 2010, police locked a 16-year-old boy up in prison without a trial for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Now he’s dead by his own hand.

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Best Graduation Advice Ever: ‘Go Out Into The World And F*ck It Up Beautifully’ (VIDEO)

Photo with John Waters:Composite/video screen grab via RISD and Nathan Lawson/IMDB.

John Waters’ career and life tips for new grads sound crazy–especially numbers six and 12–but do we really need more ‘successful’ people?

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This Black Child Never Had A Chance, And Here’s Another Reason Why (VIDEO)

Family photo with Freddie Gray, who was exposed to lead paint as a child: Gray family court filings/Washington Post.

Guess what? America’s long legacy of racism isn’t just evil, it’s literally toxic.

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Federal Judges Throw Out Virginia GOP’s Totally-Not-Racist ‘Redistricting’ Map (VIDEO)

Featured image/Composite: Video screen grab/WTVR | Scared "gerrymander"/Pixabay | Gavel/ImgKid.

How can Republicans get elected when most of us won’t vote for them? Redistricting! But here’s one thing they can’t get away with.

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If We’re At War With ISIS, Why Are We Supplying Their Weapons? (VIDEO)

Featured image: Video screen grab/RT.Com.

We’ve accidentally furnished ISIS with at least $219.7 million in weapons, vehicles and other military supplies and gear…So now what?

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This Man Just Dropped A Roofie In Her Drink…And She Thanked Him For It (VIDEO)

Photo: Joey Salads/Roofie Experiment/YouTube.

This man goes around from bar to bar dropping roofies — ‘date rape drugs’ — into women’s drinks. So why are they THANKING him?

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New Survey Reveals: Capitalism Has Failed Us, And Americans From Both Parties Know It (VIDEO)

Featured image: Unknown/IMGUR.

Surprise! A huge majority of Americans – even Republicans – think income inequality is a HUGE problem, and want the government to help fix it.

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U.S. Forest Service Poised To Approve Massive Development Project On Edge Of Grand Canyon (VIDEO)

Grand Canyon photo: cc 2012 Dietmar Rabbich/Wikimedia Commons (with embellisments).

This Grand Canyon fiasco is the height of corporate arrogance: Buy land you shouldn’t build on, and wear everyone down until you get your way.

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10 ‘Radical’ Ideas From Bernie Sanders: Guess Which Ones Most Americans Agree On?

Bernie Sanders image/Composite: cc 2015 AFGE/Flickr and cc 2009 jnn13/Wikimedia Commons.

Still think Bernie Sanders is a fringe candidate? A huge majority of us agree with him on 10 major issues. Numbers 6 and 8 may surprise you.

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Greed Turns Privately Run Homes For Recovering Addicts Into Rat-Infested Drug Dens (VIDEO)

Photo with Daniel Puff getting evicted from from a three quarter house in New York City:Video screen grab/New York Times.

Instead of providing a safe place for recovering addicts to build a new life, these corrupt monsters let them live in filth and rot, profitting from misery.

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US Army Finally Admits Women To Elite Ranger School, Then Fails All 20 (VIDEO)

Featured image with women in the U.S. Army's elite Ranger School:

It’s not these badass women demanding gender-neutral standards for the U.S. Army’s Ranger School, it’s the men who’ve fought beside them.

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W.Va. Lawsuit Claims Evolution Is A ‘Religion’ That Violates Students’ Freedumbs (VIDEO)

Image: cc 2006 Latvian/Flickr.

Here’s a new twist on the religion and education debate: Can teaching evolution jeopardize a child’s future career as a veterinarian?

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If Fox’s Interview With Duggars Takes 6 Minutes, That’ll Double Its Scandal Coverage (VIDEOS)

Photo: Composite: Megyn Kelly cc 2012 Mat Gagnon | Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar cc 2006/Wikipedia.

If the Duggars ever hope to be “forgiven” and get their show back on the air, Fox’s Megan Kelly is the perfect woman for the job.

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Ardent Suitor Offers 50 Cows, 70 Sheep, And 30 Goats For Malia Obama’s Hand In Marriage (VIDEO)

Featured image/Composite:  Felix Kiprono Matagei/Facebook | Malia Obama/Public Domain 2015 Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons | Cows/cc 2013 Mat Fascione/Geograph | Sheep/cc 2008 Rossagrapher/Geograph.

Busy 16-year-old Malia Obama may not have time for dating, but that doesn’t mean she lacks for suitors.

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W. VA GOP Set To Waste More Taxpayer Dollars Defending Unconstitutional Abortion Law (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screen grab/"Elephant in the Womb - Animal Development"/Naked Science.

If the GOP’s all about cost-cutting and small government, why do they keep passing unconstitutional laws bound to face legal challenges?

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Police ILLEGALLY ‘Escort’ Reporter From Secretive Right-Wing Lobbyist-Lawmaker Schmoozefest (VIDEO)

Brendan Keefe, investigative reporter, escorted from ALEC event with Georgia lawmakers. Photo: Video screen grab/WXIA.

‘We can’t show you what’s behind this closed door,’ an investigative reporter explains. What do ALEC and these lawmakers have to hide?

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Top Reagan Staffer: Fox Is A ‘Self-Brainwashing Bubble’ That’s Destroying The GOP (VIDEO)

Photo with Bruce Bartlett and Brian Stelter on CNN: Photo: Composite with screen grab/CNN, soap bubbles/ImgBuddy, Brain _DJ_/Flickr, TV/Pixabay.

We know Fox creates a ‘self-brainwashing bubble’ for fact-averse GOPers…But Bruce Bartlett’s the last person we’d expect to say it.

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Fat-Shaming Bullies Skulk In Silence While Hollywood Throws ‘Dancing Man’ The Best Party Ever (VIDEO)

Featured photo with Sean O'Brien, the Dancing Man, and Meghan Trainor on the Today Show.: Video screen grab/Today.

Cyberbullies made Sean O’Brien’s life a nightmare, just for dancing and having fun while fat. This time, the victim got the last laugh.

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Black Business Woman Orders Catfish, Gets Heaping Helping Of Racism (VIDEO, IMAGES)

Photo with racist receipt from Huck Finn's restaurant in New Orleans, La.: Gaynielle H. Neville/Facebook.

Seriously, it’s not every day that a black person eats at a restaurant and receives a racist message with their bill. Oh wait, yes it is.

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