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Ferguson Protesters Occupy St. Louis Police Station, Guess What Happens Next? (VIDEO)

Photo: DeRay McKesson/Twitter.

The Ferguson protesters’ demands are reasonable, but St. Louis police won’t listen.

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Gun Nut 2nd Amendments Wife To Death After Defending Right To Bear Arms On Facebook (VIDEO)

Gun Nut 2nd Amendments Wife To Death After Defending Right To Bear Arms On Facebook (VIDEO)

In March, 2013 gun-crazy Martin Gaytan married Monica. This Sunday, he shot her dead.

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200 Muslim Men Surround Christian Church On Christmas Day…To Protect Worshippers

image: NAIJ.

As violence rocks Kaduna, Nigeria Christians and Muslims work towards peace.

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Best Rush Limbaugh Smackdown Ever: And This Man Wasn’t Even Trying (IMAGE)

Image with Idris Elba and past James Bonds: Composite with Daniel Craig (Skyfall); Idris Elba (BBC); and Sean Connery (James Bond Wikia).

Idris Elba hilariously paddles Rush Limbaugh’s douche canoe…without even trying.

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The One Big Problem With Police In St. Louis — And America — In A Single Image (VIDEO)

Featured image: Composite with photos from a "Veiled Prophet"  Twitter search.

St. Louis’ police chief shows whose side he’s on at this year’s Veiled Prophet Ball.

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Disgraceful: Hundreds Of NYPD Cops Turn Backs On Their Own Mayor During Funeral Speech (VIDEO)

Featured image with NYPD officers turning their backs on  NY Mayor Bill De Blasio's speech at Officer Rafael Ramos' funeral: Video screen grab via CNN.

These NYPD cops want their authority respected, but won’t respect de Blasio’s.

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Woman Splatters Police Station With Bacon, Claims God Told Her To ‘Feed The Pigs’ (VIDEO)

Lindsey McNamara was arrested after scattering bacon and sausage around the Framingham, MA police department. Featured image: Composite with Smiling pig (, police hat (, and bacon (

“It’s clear she may need help,” an officer said about McNamara’s pig feeding frenzy.

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Rich And Poor Wealth Gap Widens To Record Levels, And Here’s The Main Reason Why (VIDEO)

Image: Video screen grab via Last Week Tonight.

Why do we tolerate this insanely unfair wealth gap? The answer may surprise you.

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Police SWAT-Raid Innocent Man’s Home Because He’s Muslim, Civil Rights Group Claims (VIDEO)

Featured image: Video screen grab from Mohammed Moneed's footage via CBS San Francisco, with inset photo of Moneed by Patrick Tehan via the San Jose Mercury News.

Why did police launch a SWAT-style raid on Moneed’s home for a crappy $298 dash cam? Could it be because he’s Muslim?

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28 Girls Take A School Trip, 7 Return Pregnant: Still Think Kids Don’t Need Sex Ed? (VIDEO)

strong>Featured image: Composite from the following sources: 1. Korea Health Blog; 2. cc 2005 Ken Hammond USDA/Wikimedia Commons; 3. cc 2014 Norsk bokmål via Wikimedia Commons; 4. cc 2010 Norsk Shirley;  via Wikmedia Commons.; 5. cc 2004 Mahalle Stackpolevia Flickr; 6. cc 2009 Thomas Pompernigg via Flickr; 7. cc 2014 Pixabay.

As right-wingers attack sex ed, we should take a lesson from these pregnant girls.

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Right-Wing Lawmaker Gets Photobombed By Jesus For His Sins (VIDEO)

Featured image with Jesus photobombing Nigel Farrage: Mother London ad agency via Instagram.

We know some more right-wing lawmakers who could use some serious Jesus photobombing.

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Appalling New ‘Machine Gun America’ Theme Park Opens Near Disney World For Ages 13 And Up (VIDEO)

Machine Gun America image: Composite (WESH 2/Daily News Lies).

Would you take your child to Machine Gun America? They assure us it’s perfectly safe.

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‘My Gay Husband Is NOT Gay,’ Proclaim Mormon Wives On Upcoming TLC Special (VIDEO)

Featured image from TLC's 'My Husband is Not Gay": Video screen grab/TLC.

“I get a little defensive when somebody calls my husband gay,” snaps this Mormon wife.

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Police Beat, Shoot, Tase, Stun, And Deafen Naked, Innocent Man In Botched SWAT Raid (VIDEO)

Photo of Chad Chadwick with his hands up: Video screen grab/Fox 26.

Chad Chadwick was home drunk and depressed, so a concerned friend called the police.

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‘Daily Show’ Presents Tips On How Fox Should Identify Its Guests (VIDEO)

Image with Rush Limbaugh: Fox via Comedy Central.

Here’s how Fox would identify their guests if they always applied their “Jay-Z rule.”

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These 5 US Companies Are Worth More Than Russia’s Entire Stock Market (VIDEO)

image: Composite with photos from Pixabay.

How can five US companies have more wealth than a huge, powerful nation like Russia?

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Welcome To Republican America: School Replaces Blind Child’s Cane With A Pool Noodle (VIDEO)

image: Video screen grab/Fox2Now.

Why did this school punish a blind child by replacing his cane with a pool noodle?

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All Stick, No Carrot: Tennessee Criminalized Pregnant Women, And We Never Noticed (VIDEO)

image: Composite via Kakprosto.Ru and Pixabay.

Congratulations, Tennessee! Your cruelty towards pregnant women wins the prize.

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SHAMEFUL: Rising Tuition Costs Force Hungry College Students To Rely On Food Pantries (VIDEO)

Photo from a food pantry set up for college students: Video screen grab, WTHITV 10.

In Republican America, college students can afford tuition or food, but not both.

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Thanks, No-Vaxxers: California Reports Worst Whooping Cough Epidemic In 70 Years (VIDEO)

Image: Composite/Turnhout family via ABC News.

If this doesn’t make you take anti-vaxxers and whooping cough seriously, nothing will.

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