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Nursing Mother Wins Settlement After Neanderthal Coworkers ‘Moo’ Her And ‘Honk’ Breasts

Featured image for Monica Van De Pitte's story: Composite with photos from Beauty Heaven and Keith Weller.

Van De Pitte’s coworkers ‘mooed’ her for pumping breast milk, and that’s not all…

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Walgreens Recalls Hanukkah Wrapping Paper After Woman Finds Surprise Swastikas (VIDEO)

Featured image: Video screen grab/NBC4 Los Angeles

Nothing says ‘Happy Hanukkah’ like giving gifts wrapped in paper with tiny swastikas.

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Federal Judge Wants To Let NSA Snoop Through All Our Stuff Because Privacy Is Overrated (VIDEO)

Featured photo: Judge Richard Posner/YouTube video screen grab. Background/The Day We Fight Back via Wikipedia.

Posner thinks privacy concerns are just an excuse to cover up our bad behavior.

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Homophobic Russian ‘Documentary’ Uses Spoof Video To ‘Prove’ Americans Show Kids Gay Porn (VIDEO)

Homophobic Russian ‘Documentary’ Uses Spoof Video To ‘Prove’ Americans Show Kids Gay Porn (VIDEO)

This anti-gay Russian documentary proves the homophobic Kremlin has truly gone insane.

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False Media Covers Ferguson Rioting And Looting, But Not People Cleaning Up The Mess (VIDEO)

H/T Viral Buzz. | Photo: Ryan J. Reilly/Twitter.

Terrence Williams on Ferguson: ‘It’s not a war zone. It’s a loving place, a community.’

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Late Bloomer Finally Gets Chance To Smack Down Bully From Middle School, And Does It Brilliantly

Featured photo: Louisa Manning's Facebook page.

Late-blooming beauty Louisa Manning proves revenge is best served cold.

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YouTube-Ranting, Ammosexual Ex-Police Chief Claims He Was Working Undercover For The Feds (VIDEO)

Photo: Mark Kessler/YouTube video screen grab.

Disgraced ex-police chief Mark Kessler claims: ‘I got to save a lot of lives.’

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Christian Coalition Chair: Gays Don’t Need Equal Rights Because Haters Get Shamed By Social Media

Photo: Composite with den Hollander's Linked In profile photo.

Keith den Hollander: Who needs civil rights when you’ve got Facebook and Twitter?

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5 Ohio Cops Accused Of Racist Text Messages: ‘I Hate N*ggers. That Is All’ (VIDEO)

Image/Ohio Cops accused of racist text messages: Composite/Video screen grabs/ABC22.

You won’t believe this sheriff’s response when he discovered the racist text messages.

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Teacher Forces Eight Year Old To Unclog A Toilet With His Bare Hands (VIDEO)

Photo: Clogged toilet via OurStory.Com. Photo of Brent Taylor screen grabbed from KEPR TV news report.

‘I’m still speechless,’ declared the mom. And Brent Taylor only got a reprimand!

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Viral Cancer-Kicking Toddler Gets To Spend Christmas At Home For First Time Ever

Image: Composite with photos of Lilly Bumpus, the tenacious, cancer-beating toddler via  Facebook and Twitter.

Plucky cancer survivor Lilly Bumpus spent all her holidays in a hospital, until now.

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CNN Slut Shames Bill Cosby’s Rape Victim: ‘He Offers You A Pill And You Still Trust Him?’ (VIDEO)

Image: Composite with video screen grabs from CNN.

Blame the victim: Fredricka Whitfield cruelly slut shames a tearful Janice Dickinson.

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Elizabeth Lauten Caught Showing The ‘Class’ She Claims The Obama Girls Don’t Have

I hope @DCGopGirl  [Elizabeth Lauten]remembered to show a little class when she was arrested for larceny at 17.

Elizabeth Lauten learns the hard way: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Shoots Neighbor Hanging Christmas Lights Because He Hates Big Government

Image: Composite with foreground KDKA2 and background cc 2008, V. Smoothe via Wikipedia.

It took the SWAT team over three hours to arrest him. Still think we need more guns?

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White Cop Mistakes Black NYPD Officer For Criminal And Shoots Him Dead (VIDEO)

White Cop Mistakes Black NYPD Officer For Criminal And Shoots Him Dead (VIDEO)

This is always a black cop’s fear, that he’d be mistaken for a suspect, a source said.

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Republican Ad Accuses Obama Of Doing All The Things GOP Hypocrites Do (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screen grab/Conservative War Chest.

Swap in the word ‘Republicans’ for ‘Obama’ in this GOP ad, and guess what happens?

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Pope Francis Condemns Those Who Use Religion To Violate Human Rights, ‘Christians’ Miss The Point

Photo: Pope Francis/Twitter.

Right-wing “Christians” love Pope Francis’ anti-ISIS message, and miss the point.

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Sarah Palin Wishes Suckers Who Pay $99 To Watch Her Channel A Word-Salady Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screen grab/Sarah Palin Channel.

Chronic attention-seeker Sarah Palin desperately courts the few suckers who bother watching her new channel in a special Thanksgiving video. That’s right, Sarah Palin launched a new channel this summer, so fans can have all Mama Grizzly all the time for $9.99 a month or  $99.00 a year if you pay up front — […]

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Man Threatens To Shoot Wife’s Dog, Then Second Amendments Himself In The Face

photo: Composite with mug shot from Pinellas County Sheriff's Office/Fox 13 and cc 2013 border collie photo by jdriselvato via Wikimedia Commons.

Dennis Emery managed to avoid his 35th encounter with the law, but only because he shot himself dead. It all started on Tuesday when the 57-year-old Pinellas Park, Florida resident couldn’t find his danged lighter. So naturally, Emery vented his frustration by grabbing his penis gun and threatening to shoot one of his […]

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Dancing Iranian Woman Risks 91 Lashes To Protest Harsh Laws Against Women (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screen grab.

Dancing in a moving subway seems like a scary thing to do anywhere, but this Iranian woman risks getting into some serious trouble.

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