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Fox ‘News’ Reporter Humiliates People On Camera Because EBOLA (VIDEO)

Photo: Screen grab via Fox News/Jesse Watters' Ebola interviews.

Watch sneering right-wing bully Jesse Watters ridicule ‘low information voters’ on national television while spreading misinformation about Ebola!

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Lying Media Help Obama Haters Falsely Portray Killer Speech to Jam-Packed Crowd As Epic Fail

Photo: WhiteHouse.Gov.

Here’s how rumors start, and how sloppy journalism magically turned Obama’s wildly successful appearance at a school in Maryland into a fail.

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Conservatives Try To Smear Elizabeth Warren, THIS Is All They’ve Got (VIDEO)

Conservatives Try To Smear Elizabeth Warren, THIS Is All They’ve Got (VIDEO)

This disgusting, racist video, ‘I’m an Indian too,’ is the ONLY thing right-wingers have on Elizabeth Warren and her winning populism.

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If Environmentalists Were More Like Crazy Sports Fans (Video)

Photo: Buzzfeed. Environment fans

What would happen if we cared about the environment the way we do about sports? Watch this hilarious two-minute video and find out.

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Next Time Someone Tells You Voter ID Laws Won’t Keep People From Voting, Show Them THIS! (Image)

Infographic: Elisabeth Parker.

Still think voter ID laws won’t keep people from voting? Ask the 608,470 Texas voters who lack the required birth certificates and fees.

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Creepy 7th Heaven Actor Molests Children, Gets Off Scot-Free, Plays Pedophile Priest In Short Film

Featured photo with Stephen Collins: Video screen grab via Catalina Film Festival.

Stephen Collins’ ex: ‘You sexually molested a child using your role as a minister to engender trust. YOU ARE BEGGING TO BE INCARCERATED.’

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Cop Resigns After Showing Up For Shooting Practice Drunk, At 8:30 AM! (Video)

Image: Video Screen grab WTVC News 9.
Background: Clkr.Com (bullet holes) Pixabay.Com (target).

On-duty police officer Doug Millsaps showed up at the shooting range for target practice drunk… and that wasn’t even the scariest thing!

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Obstructive GOP Blocks Surgeon General From Leading Ebola Efforts Because MOAR GUNS

Photo: Video screen grab via MSNBC.

Why don’t we have a surgeon general to lead the fight against Ebola? Because the NRA-sponsored GOP’s scared Obama will take our guns away.

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Watch: Activist Smacks Down Cop Who Tries To Intimidate And Get Her Fired Over Ferguson Protests

Featured photo: Leigh Maibes via video screen grab/YouTube.

St. Louis police will stop at nothing to shut those Ferguson protesters up. And one particular cop wants Leigh Maibes fired from her job.

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Caught On Video: Scary Nanny Assaults Year-Old Twins

Photo: Video screen grab/ABC 7.

Recent headlines about daycare horrors and Nannies like Dana Cash abusing children show we have a serious childcare crisis in this country.

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Here’s How 650 Greedy, Rich Sociopaths Plan To Steal The U.S. Senate This November

Featured image: Composite (Wikipedia/Fancy Dress).

What do they want? EVERYTHING! When do they want it? NOW! The GOP’s nasty Koch habit may help them steal the U.S. Senate in November.

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Angry Mom Wants Teacher Fired: Public School Classrooms Are NOT Like Nazi Death Camps

Ray Fournier claims public schools turn kids gay, evolution's against the bible, and classrooms are like Nazi death camps. And he's a teacher! Photo: Video screen grab/ABC 11.

Ray Fournier claims public schools turn kids gay, evolution’s against the bible, and classrooms are like Nazi death camps. And he’s a teacher!

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GOP Favored To Take Senate, And She’s The Reason Why (IMAGE)

Photo: Facebook.

Why the GOP might win: ‘You have not registered to vote [...] The lady below will be there. Let her choose your senate and house leaders.’

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Whistleblower Reveals California Cops Get ‘Shooting Tattoos’ To Celebrate Their Kills

The tattooed insignia the whistleblower cop claims his former Oxnard, CA Police Department coworkers get to celebrate shooting and killing someone looked like the ones shown here. Image: Revolver/Pixabay. Isignia/Free Thought Project.

A whistleblower cop reported his former coworkers’ creepy and barbaric practice of getting a new tattoo for each victim they shoot and kill.

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Ted Nugent: Obama’s Not A Christian And The GOP’s Our ‘Only Chance To Kill The Wolf At Our Door’

Photo: Via Media Matters.

In his insane pre-election rant for WND, Ted Nugent calls President Obama a ‘ravenously hungry wolf’ who’s (gasp!) not even a Christian!

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The GOP’s Third World America: Detroit Faces Humanitarian Water Crisis Of Epic Proportions (VIDEO)

Photo: cc 2014 Arran James.

Detroit protester: ‘You’re going to close the water off for a woman with a $400 bill who’s pregnant and a two-year-old? Shame on you!’

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Exposed! Original ‘Cosmos’ Host Carl Sagan Pushed For Legal Pot…And Smoked It, Too (VIDEO)

Photo: Composite: Old "Cosmos," New "Cosmos," and the parody "Cosmos on Weed."

Dude! Original ‘Cosmos’ host Carl Sagan sure would have enjoyed 2014. Sagan’s estate has found four boxes of (heh) papers on legalizing weed.

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Woman-Beating Celebrity Psycho Live-Tweets 3-Hour Standoff With Police (VIDEO)

Mayhem Miller to his fans as police and SWAT teams surround the perimeter of his house when he refused to comply with two arrest warrants for stalking his lady friend and perpetrating domestic violence against her: " I did nothing wrong. This is the state of American Justice. I feel you black men. They fear, so they threaten to take our lives. Abhorrent." Photos; Miller's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

‘I did nothing wrong…I feel you black men,’ Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller tweeted while resisting arrest for domestic violence and stalking a woman.

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Black Teenager With White Family Pepper-Sprayed By Police For Entering His Own Home! (VIDEO)

DeShawn Currie tells WTVD about how police pepper-sprayed him in his own home. Photo: Video screen grab, WTVD.

18-year-old DeShawn Currie came home early from school Monday afternoon, only to have police barge in and assault him with pepper spray.

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Watch: Insane Racist School Board President Sells ‘Slave Reparations Insurance’ To White People!

Photo of Brad Rigler: Screen Grab/YouTube.

What happens when Brad Rigler, a Board of Education president, prank-calls white people with a ‘slave reparations insurance’ scam? Nothing.

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