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Brown’s Mother Vents Tears And Rage: ‘They Don’t Care! They Think This Is A F*cking Joke!’ (VIDEO)

Photo: Adrian Hubbard/Video screen grab.

“Defend himself from what? From WHAT?” Michael Brown’s mother Leslie Spadden cried out in anguish, as tears streamed down her face. “What was [Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson] defending himself from? Tell me that! Tell me, you mother f*ckers think it’s a joke?” On Sunday evening Spadden stood on top […]

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Ferguson Set Ablaze After Jury Sets Wilson Free: Our Justice System Fails Again

Photo: Chris King/Twitter.

 ‘A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.’ – W.E.B. DuBois They call it “creative destruction” when our jobs, safeguards, communities, shared resources, and sometimes ourselves get destroyed and exploited for profit. But when creative destruction comes their way, The Powers That Be never like it. After the grand […]

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Walmart Workers Return Food Bin To Walton Heiress: ‘We Don’t Want Charity. We Want Decent Pay’

Featured image: Occupy Wall Street/Twitter.

Walmart’s ringing in the holiday season with their annual food drive, but struggling workers want a living wage, not charity. Kerry-Anne from Addicting Info reports in an earlier post that once again, those bins are sprouting up in Walmart stores across the nation as Thanksgiving approaches. With just one week until Thanksgiving, the retail […]

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Foul-Smelling Poop Explosion Destroys Apartment Building, Because Who Needs Permits?

Featured pboto: Jun via Flickr.

Hate “Big Government” regulations? Chances are, you’ve never had your home destroyed by a giant explosion of human excrement. The Bangkok Post reports an apartment building and surrounding homes in Zhangjiajie, China got blasted on Saturday, after some genius decided to burn his trash too close to a cesspit full of human waste. 15 were […]

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It’s On: KKK Twitter-Hacks Anonymous, Takes Back Operation KKK

Image: Composite/Twitter screen grabs.

Alas, the folks at Anonymous had to concede defeat… at least for now.

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Ferguson Protester Slams Arrogant CNN Host: ‘We Have A Right To Be Mad, Our Anger’s Justified’

Photo: Video screen grab/CNN.

CNN host Mike Smerconish is clearly on the side of the folks who want to make Ferguson protesters out to be thugs. But Bassem Masri isn’t going to stand by and let him continue that narrative.

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That Time Oil Companies Came Into A School And Taught 4th Graders About KXL And Fracking (VIDEO)

Featured image: Composite with video screen grabs from the Missouri State University "Ad Team at Espy Elementary" via Vimeo.

Did Big Oil really come into an elementary school to teach fourth graders about Keystone XL and fracking?  Yes, they did, and we’ve got the video to prove it. This pro-oil propaganda opportunity disguised as an educational event happened back in April, but we got wind of it when Shane Davis from retweeted a […]

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Fox’s Bill O’Reilly Tells Immigrant Reporter ‘You Don’t Deserve To Be Here’ (VIDEO)

Photo: Screen grab: Fox Latino.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly claims he respects Jose Vargas and sympathizes with his situation. But that won’t stop him from opposing the one thing that would help: President Barack Obama’s amnesty order for undocumented immigrants. After all, Vargas is a respected, pulitzer-prize winning freelance journalist who came here illegally from the Phillipines when he […]

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Latest Oil Rig Explosion Kills 1, Injures 3, But Oil Company Assures Us It’s ‘Fully Contained’

Photo: Composite with YouTube video screen grab and Echo oil platform photo from FieldwoodEnergy.Com.

Still think fossil fuels are a good idea? Last night, yet another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico killed one and injured three. Oh, but “luckily” the oil platform had not yet gone into production, and the damage has been “fully contained.” Yay. The Daily News reports : Houston-based oil and gas […]

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Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson Rally ‘Wingers And Clingers’ For GOP Senate Hopeful (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screen grabs of Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson, KNOE.

Palin: “I think you’re proudly clinging to our God, your guns and our constitution.”

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Racist Cretin From Nebraska Finally Removes ‘Aids, Ebola, Obama, Thanks Africa’ Sign (VIDEO)

photo: Screen grab/KLKN.

An incredibly racist sign was erected in the front yard of a Minden, Nebraska resident. Luckily, he was persuaded to remove it.

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Feminist Hackers Fix Book So ‘Computer Engineer Barbie’ Won’t Need Boys To Mansplain Stuff (IMAGES)

Image: Adapted from "Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer," and Feminist Hacker Barbie.

Mattel has put out a horrifically misogynist book for their “I Can Be” line. Feminist Hackers fixed it.

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Socialist ‘Bogeyman’ Bernie Sanders To Stephen Colbert: I’m Here To Frighten Billionaires (VIDEO)

Image: Composite with Bernie Sanders illustration from DonkeyHotey via Flickr, and vintage photo of screaming woman.

Some think Socialists are the monsters under the bed, but Bernie Sanders insists he scares because he cares… about social justice. In an interview with the Democratic Socialist senator from Vermont, Stephen Colbert asks Sanders how it feels to be the scary left-wing “bogeyman of Washington.” “That’s the bogeyman of Washington. Do you frighten […]

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Nancy Pelosi To John Boehner: Happy 65th Birthday, Welfare Moocher

Image: Composite with Creative Commons licensed  illustrations from DonkeyHotey via Flickr.

Nancy Pelosi has the best “Happy Birthday” for John Boehner ever.

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Protesters Hilariously Troll DINO Senator With Inflatable KXL Pipeline On Her Lawn

photo: Video screen grab/ABC.

Protesters: ”If Landrieu wants this pipeline so badly, they can go through HER front yard.”

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Nazi Christmas Tree Ornaments Spark Outrage, But Still Sold For $474

Photo: Composite/Aukro.

Looking for some unique winter holiday gift ideas? How about some vintage Nazi Christmas tree ornaments, complete with swastikas? Yes, these lovely baubles could have been yours for a mere $474.78, had you only kept an eye on Aukro, the Czech version of EBay. RT reports the seller described them as “original decorations used […]

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Ex-Gay Testifies ‘I’m not GAY no more, I am DELIVERED!’ In Viral Megachurch Video

Andrew Caldwell: ‘I don’t like MENS no more! I like WOMEN! WomenWomenWomenBuhluhluhluh!’

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Ranting Fox News Guy Demands Jon Stewart ‘Man Up’ And Admit He Was ‘Grubered’ (Video)

Photo: Composite/Video screen grabs via Fox and Comedy Channel.

Because Stewart often calls Bolling and his Fox “News” colleagues out on the bullsh*t, now Bolling holds him responsible for some obscure expert’s gaffe.

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New England Patriots Thank Racist Fan For Becoming Their 1 Millionth Twitter Follower (FAIL)

Image: Twitter.

The New England Patriots just became the first NFL team to collect 1 million Twitter followers. Alas, a racist fan turned their celebration into one of the worst social media fails ever. Talking Points Memo reports it all started when The New England Patriots launched their #1MillionPatriots campaign with an offer: “custom […]

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Megachurch Pastor Compares Impure Women Who Have Sex Before Marriage To ‘Filthy Dishrags’ (VIDEO)

Photo: StuffFundiesLike YouTube video screen grab with slight embellishment.

Megachurch Pastor Paul Chappell says folks often ask why he’s so “old-fashioned,” and we believe him. For starters, it may have something to do with his views on women, which are way beyond “old-fashioned.” We’re talking Old Testament troglodyte here. Raw Story got hold of a video with one of Chappell’s sermons […]

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