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John Oliver: If You Enjoy April Fool’s Day, You’re Probably A Sociopath (VIDEO)

Photo of John Oliver delivering his rant against April Fool's Day: Video screen grab/Last Week Tonight/YouTube.

John Oliver hilariously rants on April Fool’s Day and makes his audience recite a “No Pranks Pledge.” Can we have fun without hurting people?

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Gazan Fisherman Builds Reef So His People Won’t Starve, Israeli Navy Shoots Him Dead (VIDEO)

Photo with Israeli navy guns trained on Gaza during "Operation Protective Edge": cc 2014: Israel Defense Forces/Wikimedia Commons. Despite the truce, Israel still harasses Gazan fishermen.

Israel’s blockade makes it hard for Gazan fishermen to make a living. Tawfiq Abu Riyala had a brilliant idea, and Israel’s navy shot him dead.

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President Obama Takes On The Payday Lenders (VIDEO)

Photo of Obama making his case for cracking down on payday loans at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Ala.: Video screen grab/WhiteHouse.Gov via AL.Com.

Congratulations, President Obama, for yet another brilliant speech. Watch him attack payday lenders and the GOP’s horribly cruel budget.

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Chilling Audio With Student’s Last Words To Cop Released: ‘So You Are Going To Shoot Me?’ (VIDEOS)

Photo of Cameron Redus, the college student who was shot by Cpl. Chris Carter: The Redus Family/San Antonio Current.

A cop pulled Cameron Redus over for speeding, and shot him dead 13 minutes later. This chilling new audio reveals Redus’ last words.

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Ted Cruz Tells ‘Courageous Christians’ It’s Time To Take America Back (VIDEO)

Photo with Ted Cruz as Jon Snow, Game of Thrones' "Watcher on the Wall": Composite by Elisabeth Parker with Official Senate photo via Wikipedia and video screen grab via HBO.

Um…Earth to Senator Ted Cruz? Those voices you’re hearing in your head? They’re probably not coming from God.

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Potter Fan ‘Can’t See’ Dumbledore As Gay: Here’s JK Rowling’s Powerful Response (TWEETS)

Featured photo with gay Dumbledore: WyrdStuff.

Way to go, JK Rowling! When a Harry Potter asked why Dumbledore’s gay on Twitter, her reply was pitch-perfect.

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Bizarre Speech By Phil Robertson Reveals Terrifying Glimpse Of The Right-Wing Mindset (VIDEO)

Featured photo of Phil Robertson: cc 2015 Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

We’ve caught a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of a right-wing “Christian,” and boy, is it terrifying. Thank you, Phil Robertson.

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Best Smackdown Ever: Watch Obama Brilliantly Fact Check GOP Critics (VIDEO)

Featured photo with President Barack Obama: Video screen grab/Now This News.

Congratulations, Obama. This brilliant take-down of your sour grapes, do-nothing GOP critics is your best one yet.

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John Oliver: 10 Ways Cities Balance Budgets On The Backs Of The Poor With Traffic Tickets (VIDEO)

Featured photo: Video screen grab/Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

For most, traffic tickets are just annoying. But John Oliver points out that when you’re too poor to pay, these fines can totally destroy you.

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Bullies Harass 11-Year-Old Girl And Threaten To Rape Her- School Does Nothing (VIDEO)

Featured image: cc 2009/Stars Alive via Wikimedia Commons.

On Thursday, Mistie Fetzer got the kind of secretive, after-hours phone call no mother wants to hear. Her daughter’s school will be sorry.

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What’s In Your Wine? ‘Elevated Levels’ Of Arsenic, According To Huge New Lawsuit (VIDEO)

What's in your wine? Possibly arsenic, new lawsuit alleges. Image: Video screen grab (with slight embellishment)/CBS Los Angeles.

What’s in your wine? Well, if you’re buying the cheap stuff, one of the main ingredients might include arsenic.

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Geraldo Rivera Slams Fox For Backing Netanyahu: ‘What Is Gaza? It’s A Prison’ (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera slams Benjamin Netanyahu on Fox and Friends. Photo: Video screen grab/Fox & Friends via YouTube.

Watch Fox bullies get smacked down by an even bigger blowhard: Geraldo Rivera. “Netanyahu has absolutely insulted our constitutional system.”

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Israeli Soldiers Attack Gathering in Commemoration of American Killed By Israel (VIDEO)

Featured photo with Israeli soldiers attacking Gazans at a peaceful gathering to honor the 12th anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death: Video screen grab/IMEMC News.

Caught on video: “What have you done? What have you done?” a woman wails as Israeli soldiers attack Gazans gathered to mourn Rachel Corrie’s death.

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Whoops: Barbara Bush Changes Her Mind About Jeb (VIDEO)

Featured photo: Jeb Bush/Facebook.

Sure, Barbara Bush once nixed Jeb because we’ve “had enough Bushes” in the White House. But it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

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Ex-KKK Imperial Wizard Found Frolicking Among Blacks In Belize: ‘Don’t Call Me Racist’ (VIDEO)

Featured image with Bill Wilkinson: Video screen grabs/Daily Mail.

Watch former KKK leader Bill Wilkinson schmooze with black and brown people to prove how totally-not-racist he is.

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New Cinderella Grosses $132.5 Million, Hilarious Internet Backlash Begins (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Photo: Promotional still from Disney/Cinderella, 2015 version.

We all love Cinderella, but…Houston, there’s a problem.

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‘World On Fire’ Girl’s Mom Tells Fox News: She’s Not Scared, ‘Uncle Cruz’ Is Her Hero (VIDEO)

Michelle Trant tells Fox & Friends' Steve Doocey that Ted Cruz didn't scare her daughter: Video screen grab/Fox & Friends.

“Uncle Cruz” didn’t scare Trant’s little girl with his “world on fire” rant. He’s her hero. Like a fire man. Or so Fox wants us to believe.

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The More America Sees Of The GOP, The More They Like Obama

photo with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office: Pete Sousa/WhiteHouse.Gov.

The poll numbers are in and Obama looks marvelous. Since the GOP took over both houses of Congress, Obama looks better with each passing day.

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Bob Schieffer To Sen. Tom Cotton: Who Gets A Letter Next? North Korea? (VIDEO)

Featured photo with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Bob Schieffer's "Face the Nation": Video screen grab/Face the Nation/CBS.

Watch Bob Schieffer grill Sen. Tom Cotton over that treasonous letter he and 46 GOP colleagues sent to Iran.

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The Horrible Truth About Today’s Republicans In One Perfect Hashtag: #GOPWantsWar (TWEETS)

#GOPWantsWar image/Composite: Background with explosion cc 2009 Senior Airman Christopher Hubenthal via Wikimedia Commons. Foreground with George W. Bush declaring "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq via History Commons.

After 40 long years, the truth about the GOP is finally out of the bag, thanks to the 47 traitors and Twitter’s trending #GOPWantsWar hashtag.

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