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Cops Bust College Kid For Just $80 Worth Of Pot, Bully Him Into Narcing, And Now He’s Dead (VIDEO)

photo with Andrew Sadek:  Facebook via Reason.

“I’m not even sure if it’s his jacket,” Andrew Sadek’s grieving mother told KFGO after Wahpeton, N.D. police found his body in the Red River.

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‘Holy Cow, Just Wow’ Exclaims Rush Limbaugh: Netanyahu ‘Is Everything Obama Is Not’ (AUDIO)

Featured photo: Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu/White House photo 2013 by Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons.

“Benjamin Netanyahu today was everything Barack Obama is not,” Rush Limbaugh declared on his Tuesday show. And he thinks that’s a GOOD thing.

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Startling Photos Of Twins Reveal The Total Absurdity Of Racism (IMAGES)

Featured image: Screen grab/Google image search results for "mixed race twins different colors."

When mixed race twins are born with different skin colors, calling one “white,” and the other “black” seems somewhat ridiculous.

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SHAMEFUL: Cleveland Victim Blamers Claim Tamir Rice Caused His Own Death (VIDEO)

Featured photo with Tamir Rice: Video screen grab via USA Today/WKYC.

If it’s legal for cops to murder black kids in cold blood just because they “look threatening,” then we need to change our laws RIGHT NOW.

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Four-Year-Old Child Dies In Yet Another NRA-Sponsored ‘Accidental Shooting’ (VIDEO)

Photo: Composite with video screen grab with neighbors and police/KHOU (left) family photo/Houston Chronicle (center), video screen grab with grieving mother/KHOU.

Once again, a family is destroyed when a small child picks up a loaded gun. This latest “accidental shooting” is tragic, but is no “accident.”

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The Terrifying Future Of Republican America Revealed In 27 Photos

What's worse? Pollution in China and Pollution in the US? Photo: Composite with Disaster Girl meme and Oill sullage tank explosion (cc 2011 Moshi Anahory via Wikimedia Commons).

The future of Republican America is terrifying, and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

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GOP Demands Obama Allow Them To Arm White Terrorists With Cop-Killing Bullets (VIDEO)

Gun nut with assault rifle. Photo: Sodahead.

Oh, is this headline a tad misleading? Yes, and so’s the GOP’s claim about Obama’s so-called ban on bullets for assault rifles.

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That Time Scott Walker Sold Himself To The Highest Bidder And Screwed The Middle Class (VIDEO)

Scott Walker and Diane Hendricks. Photo: Brad Lichtenstein/ video screen grab.

“Any chance we’ll be a completely red state,” the billionairess softly purrs, “and work on those unions?” “Ohh yeahhh,” croons Scott Walker.

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If Reporting A Robbery Was Like Reporting A Rape: Why Most Rapists Never Do Jail Time (VIDEO)

Featured image: Video screen grab/Cynthia Kao's "If A Robbery Report Was Treated Like A Rape Report."

Why do 97 out of every 100 rapes go unpunished? This scorching new video shows the two main (and totally unacceptable!) reasons why.

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This Is The Most Depressing Statistic I’ve Ever Read In My Entire Life (VIDEO)

Featured image/Shrinking office space: Composite with cubicle photo (cc 2009 Asa Wilson via Wikipedia) and fear face from Becuo.Com image gallery.

America’s office workers have an astonishing thing in common with supermax prisoners, and you won’t believe what it is.

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Legally Blind Dad With Prior Felony Conviction Accidentally Shoots 3-Year-Old In Stomach (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screen grab on the Toledo, OH Municipal Court setting Michael Reye's bail for $100,000 after the accidental shooting of his three-year-old daughter via NBC 24.

How could this accidental shooting happen when Michael Reyes’ blindness and prior felony conviction bar him from owning a gun?

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No Justice For Trayvon: Racist, Murdering Thug George Zimmerman Walks Free, And Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Featured photo: Courtesy family photo of Trayvon Martin via ABC News with inset of George Zimmerman Public Domain 2005/Orange County (Florida) Jail via Wikipedia.

Why don’t racist cops and vigilante thugs like George Zimmerman get prosecuted? Because our laws make it way too hard to prove hate crimes.

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Grinchy GOP Lawmakers Devise New Way To Screw Workers And Steal Their Tips (VIDEO)

Last summer, the state of Minnesota raised its minimum wage. Alas, grinchy GOP lawmakers want to screw over workers with a new tip penalty. Featured image: Composite with restaurant photo cc 2014 Wallheater/Flickr  and elephant from Animal Kid.

Last summer, the state of Minnesota raised its minimum wage. Alas, grinchy GOP lawmakers want to screw over workers with a new tip penalty.

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How Columba Bush’s Scary Shopping Addiction Could Put The Brakes On Jeb’s Presidential Run

Featured photo: Composite by Elisabeth Parker with Jeb Bush photo cc 2012 World Affairs Council via Flickr and Columba Bush photo via NNDB.

Columba Bush was hailed as her husband Jeb’s “secret weapon” for his 2016 GOP run…until her seriously scary shopping problem came to light.

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Women Have No Right To Ruin Oscars By Demanding Equal Pay, Whines Sour Grapes Fox Guest (VIDEO)

Image with Fox guest Stacey Dash and Patricia Arquette: Video screen grab via Fox & Friends video.

Fox guest and Hollywood B-lister Stacey Dash is “appalled” that Patricia Arquette ruined the Oscars by demanding equal pay for women.

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Maher Guest: When Giuliani Was Mayor, NYPD Shot A Black Man In The Back Every 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

Photo of armed police officers: Pixgood.Com.

“When Giuliani was the mayor, every five minutes an unarmed black guy was getting shot in the back,” declared Bill Maher guest Fran Lebowitz.

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He Called Her 140 Times, She Called The Police, And Then He Came And Shot Her (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Takita Mathieu shown with her daughter. Photo: Facebook.

Takita Mathieu told family, friends and police her ex was stalking her and that she was afraid. But these guys always manage to get a gun.

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Police Union Chief Smacks Down Racist, Anti-LGBT Cops: If You Don’t Like Blacks And Gays, Leave

Featured image: Photo of Ron Smith by Ansel Herz via Twitter/The Stranger (foreground), photo of Seattle Police in riot gear cc 1999 Steve Kaiser/Wikipedia.

Ron Smith to Seattle police: “We need to treat everyone the same. Regardless of race, gender identity, economic class —all the same.”

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Best Snow Day Ever: Since No One Else Came To Work, This NC Lawmaker Got Some Stuff Done

Bad weather kept everyone else home, so NC State Sen. Jeff Jackson -- a Democrat -- rolled up his sleeves and got to work.  Photo: Composite: Photo of NC Sen. Jeff Jackson/Facebook and NC General Assembly cc 2003/Wikimedia Commons.

Bad weather kept everyone else home, so NC State Sen. Jeff Jackson — a Democrat — rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

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She’s Much Happier Fat: “I Want To Blow This Stereotype Right Out Of The Water”

Before and after photos of Joni Edelman/Ravishly.

Joni Edelman reveals her secrets for staying skinny. But would you rather have “the body of physical hotness?” Or be happy and sane?

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