New Poll Shows Women Hate Mitt Romney, Love President Obama

The war against women has finally caught up to the Republicans and Mitt Romney should wear a cup because women are prepared to hit him where it hurts: at the voting booth. According to a new USAToday/Gallop Poll, women are being driven away from the GOP into the arms of the only man who actually cares about them and his name is Barack Obama.

Just one month ago, President Obama was losing to Romney among women by 2 points, but as yesterday’s newest poll shows, one month made a big difference. The last few months have seen Republicans wage a cruel and sexist war against women in an effort to restrict abortion and contraceptives. Republicans have written bills to allow employers to fire women who use contraception, bills that allow employers to deny women certain medical coverage, bills that legalize state sanctioned rape in the form of transvaginal ultrasounds, and bills that allow doctors and pharmacists to deny contraceptives and abortions. Republicans have also likened women to livestock and have said that they will kill Planned Parenthood. Because of these actions, President Obama now has a nine point lead over Romney among female voters.

The President leads Romney among women 51%-42% and that lead shows no signs of reversing itself as long as Republicans continue to attack women’s rights on an unprecedented scale of ruthlessness. To make matters worse for Romney, 41% of women identify themselves as Democrats while only 24% say they are Republicans. It’s nearly a 2-1 lead among women, and that’s is disastrous for Republicans this election year because in 2008, President Obama only led¬†among women in battleground states by 12 points. That lead has now ballooned to 18. The swing states where the polling took place include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

If Mitt Romney wants to win in 2012, he needs to show women that he will protect their interests. The problem is that Mitt Romney has made it pretty clear on camera that he wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, which provides cancer screening to millions of women every year. Romney also told¬†women last month that if they want greater access to birth control, they should vote for President Obama. And of course they should vote for President Obama. If anyone is on the side of women, it’s the President. He has fought for equal pay for women, fought to provide greater access to contraception, and has a wife and two daughters who make sure that women’s issues remain a top issue to him.

Every day, women are waking up and realizing that Republicans want to control women like cattle, make health decisions for them, and even violate their bodies. Women aren’t happy about this and are now turning against Republicans by what is looking to be a landslide. Some Republicans see this as unfair, but what did they expect? Did they honestly expect women to like being treated like animals? Did they honestly expect women to say ‘yes’ to state sanctioned rape? Did they honestly expect women to agree to men making health decisions for them? If the GOP seriously believed that women would cooperate in the war against their own rights and privacy, Republicans deserve more than a beating at the polls this November, they deserve a swift kick to the balls.