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Irony Dead At Last: Republican Demands The Government Stay Out Of His Healthcare Decisions (VIDEO)

We had a good run, Irony, but you are as dead as Ron Paul’s chances of winning the GOP primary. It’s been coming for some time now, as the Onion is finding it more and more difficult to parody the right but the final nail has been put into your coffin. Last week, Rep. Steve King (R-Why does it have to be the state I live in?), stood up in front of the United States Supreme Court and announced, on camera, that he was against the government telling the American people what to do with their bodies:

“I want the nanny state out of my life and I don’t want my body commandeered, and I will tell you that the most sovereign thing is your soul…but the most second sovereign thing is your health. That’s your skin and everything inside it and you are the one that must me able to manage that health. nobody else should be sticking their nose in it.”

Here’s the video:

I would have sold my left pinky toe to have been able to ask Rep. King if his aversion to government mandates included forced trans-vaginal probes and forcing doctors to read a script riddled with medical lies designed to both shame and scare women out of having an abortion. I’m going to assume that doesn’t count because it only affects women and, as every good conservative knows, women are sluts and whores anyway, so who cares?

Considering that the individual mandate was a conservative idea forwarded by the Heritage Foundation, a far right think tank, it’s interesting that the GOP is so opposed to it. The entire premise is that every person will eventually be in the health care system in some manner. They will get sick, have an accident or what have you. Everyone will need a doctor, sooner or later. If they never buy insurance when they can afford to do so then they are simply shifting the burden on to everyone else that does. Hospitals, by law, must treat anyone that requires it so in order to recoup the losses due to the uninsured, they charge the rest of us more. I thought Republicans worshiped “personal responsibility” and despised wealth redistribution? But, as always, consistency is not a conservative strong suit. No logic contortion is too much as long as it means standing in opposition to President Obama.

The GOP doesn’t stand for anything, anymore. They only stand against and that’s no way to run the country.


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