916 Anti-Women Bills Introduced By The GOP Since March 2011

The GOP would have you believe there’s no war on women after they started the war on women. The first opportunity they had to deflect attention away was when Hilary Rosen, off the top of her head, made the comment that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. We all know what she meant but it gave the right ammunition to turn it into the war on moms. Just so we’re clear, there is no war on moms. That’s just plain malarkey and everyone, including Republicans know it.

The Guttmacher Group compiled fascinating research, proving without a doubt, the war on women in America is indeed real. Since taking over the House in 2010, Republicans have introduced 916 anti-women Bills related to reproductive rights.

Some of these Bills include:

Mandated  pre-abortion ultrasounds.

Revised sex education laws to require schools districts to provide abstinence-only sex education while permitting discussion of contraception only with prior approval from the state.

23 states introduced 57 measures that would restrict abortions in all insurance plans.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can view all on their site.

The GOP refuses to understand women are simply NOT going to allow government to strip away the rights we’ve been living with for decades. Most astonishing is the fact that Republican women are so lost in their own delusions, fear and racism that they don’t get they are voting against their own best interests. Much like a battered woman defends a physically abusive relationship.

As a result of the war on women, many women have decided enough is enough. UniteWomen.Org, started in March by Karen Teegarden and Desiree Jordan last month, has organized a one day march in every state around the country. I will be representing Rock The Slut Vote as their Spokeswoman in Sacremento, California.

If you are a woman who is sick and tired of the GOP attempting to take away your rights, please come join us. This is not the time to be apathetic. It’s time to have your voice heard!!!

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