Woman Against Women – Kimberly Yee

Republican Representative Kimberly Yee, the sponsor of HB 2036, is the first Asian American woman to serve in the Arizona State Legislation. She was originally appointed by the Maricopa County Board to replace Republican Representative Doug Quellan, who was removed from office in August 2010 for violating Clean Election Limits. The pro-life, pro-guns, pro-privatized health-care, Yee was recommended to the Maricopa County Board by none other than Governor Janice Brewer. At the time Yee was working as the communications director for the Arizona State Treasurer’s Office, the frosting on the cake of a work resume that included serving in Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger’s administration and working in California Governor Pete Wilson’s office.

The Chairman of strongly Republican Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to whom Brewer addressed Yee’s letter of recommendation was Don Stapley. Stapley is a real estate developer whose loan deal(s) with Silver State Banking have been linked to unsafe and unsound banking practices but the dealings are so convoluted the FDIC is having a hell of time making their case stick. Vice Chairman under Don Stapley was Fulton Brock, whose now ex-wife, the devoutly Mormon Susan, was convicted of sexually molesting a fourteen-year old teenage boy and is currently serving a fifteen year prison sentence. Two months after his wife was arrested, Brock’s twenty-two year old daughter was arrested for molesting the same boy. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to ten years of probation with one year of deferred jail time. This is the Republican pro-life, pro-family pool out which Kimberly Yee crawled.

As point person for the right of right, right wing Arizona Center for Public Policy Ms. Yee sponsored the horrific HB 2838, which would have banned abortions after twenty weeks. Due to the testimony and overwhelming response (phone calls, emails, petitions) against the bill from women across the country, it was pulled from the Arizona House Health Committee. The fact that Ms. Yee chose to then employ a “strike all amendment,” a political sleigh of hand to resurrect the bill, speaks to the evil genius of the willing and ambitious puppet’s puppeteers. The point of a “strike all,” is to completely remake a bill under the shadow of darkness without the pesky inconvenience of committee hearings and public scrutiny.

HB 2036 originally had something to do with regulations in the Attorney General’s office and had already passed the house and was in the Senate. Ms. Yee removed or “struck” all the language of the original bill that was HB 2036 and replaced or “amended” it with new language, namely the language of HB 2838. Now, if a “strike all amendment” is adopted by the chamber in which it was proposed, the new language in the “strike-all” becomes the language in the bill, which is exactly what happened. This is how HB 2838 became HB 2036. As per the workings of the “strike all amendment,” the amended bill, in this case HB 2036, is then returned to the chamber where it originated to be voted upon.

HB 2036 rendering a woman’s legal right to an abortion null and void after a gestation period of twenty weeks, passed with a strong majority in both the house and the senate and was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, April 12th, 2012. Ms Yee’s response, “I want to thank Governor Brewer for signing the Women’s Health and Safety Act. This vital bill strengthens Arizona’s laws protecting the health and safety of women and recognized the precious life of the pre-born baby.” Women’s health and safety? Cleary Ms. Yee, yet another woman’s face on the moral right of Patriarchy, has been reading the Charmaine Yoest handbook.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. MAWT