Senator Rand Paul Endorses Email Featuring A Rifle Aimed At President Obama’s Head (IMAGE)

It has happened once again. The right-wing is advocating violence against President Obama and this time a Republican Senator is openly endorsing it.

This week, an email was sent out by the Virginia based National Association for Gun Rights that includes a message with the signature and image of Republican Senator Rand Paul, the son of Republican Presidential contender Representative Ron Paul. The email contained a false accusation against President Obama in an effort to scare gun owners against voting for Democrats in the upcoming November election. It also features a rifle aimed at President Obama’s head.

The email is a conspiracy theory laced plea for support that accuses President Obama of advocating for what these right-wing gun toting nut jobs call a ‘Million Rifle Ban.’ Even though no such initiative exists, nor has one ever been discussed or talked about by the President, Rand Paul and his cohorts want conservatives to believe that President Obama intends to round up and ban all firearms if he is re-elected in November.

Here is the image:

This is yet another example of violent rhetoric being used by Republicans against the President. At the top of message, a rifle is clearly pointed at President Obama with the words ‘Stop Obama’s Gun Ban.’ It’s almost as if these conservatives want someone to shoot President Obama. Earlier this week, the Greene County Republican Party of Virginia sent out a newsletter containing a call for an armed rebellion to violently overthrow the duly and legally elected government if voters re-elect President Obama instead of Mitt Romney. Before that, a Tea Party activist called for killing Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill at a rally. In April, Romney supporter Ted Nugent called for shooting Democrats and President Obama and also called for beheading them at an NRA event. And a few days before that, conservative donor and Romney supporter Foster Friess said he hoped President Obama had bulletproof teleprompters. This is a string of dangerous and violent rhetoric being used against the President by Republicans who must be seriously hoping some crazy constituent starts assassinating Democrats, and they must be especially hoping someone kills the President. When does this kind of rhetoric get classified as a real threat by Secret Service? When will this kind of rhetoric become equal to a threat of terrorism? When will someone actually be imprisoned for calling for the assassination of a sitting President? And will the American electorate reward Republicans for it by electing them to office in November or will they punish Republicans and reject their advocacy for violence?