The Criminally Insane Floodgates Are Open – This Time Romney Was Threatened (VIDEO)

Has Ted Nugent has released a line of bottled water? Maybe there’s something in Glenn Beck’s survival seeds, or maybe people have simply lost their minds.

Right-wing podcaster, Ron Paul fan and Addicting Info non-fan, Adam Kokesh skirted his way around threatening the life of the presumed GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, by loosely agreeing with a fan email that actually did, in no uncertain terms, call for the death of a Presidential candidate. From BuzzFeed:

Adam Kokesh, a prominent Paul supporter who has a YouTube talk show called “Adam vs. The Man” and was backed by Paul in his 2010 congressional bid, read parts of an email from a listener contemplating whether to kill Romney.

“There is a way the nomination can be given to Ron Paul,” he read aloud. “There is a way to fix the situation we currently face with Obama versus Romney. Romney needs to die.” Kokesh says the email came from a 19-year-old in Mississippi whom he wouldn’t name.

In the video, Kokesh says of the email, “I have never endorsed such a plan. I have never suggested such a plan. But I cannot deny that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind as well as so many other libertarians and Ron Paul supporters of late.”

Kokesh says that “obviously this raises some interesting moral issues” and “it sure is tempting isn’t it, to think that you could take out one life and prevent the deaths of so many others.”

Then Kokesh sort of backtracked and said, after philosophically endorsing the idea, that it was a bad idea.

Here’s the video:

Kokesh is co-founder of a group called Veterans for Ron Paul. He is an Iraq war vet and is adamantly anti-war. Kokesh is a libertarian, which means that like Paul, he espouses a vague concept of “freedom,” which translates to the freedom of industry to kill its customers and drive its employees deeper into poverty, but I digress.

This isn’t Adam Kokesh’s first apparently incidental brush with assassination threats. In 2009, Kokesh, during a failed run for Congress, posted this picture on Facebook:

The guy on our right is Kokesh. The guy on the left is Chris Broughton, whose claim to fame was bringing a gun to an Obama speech to a Veterans of Foreign Wars group in Arizona. Here’s that photo:

The day before the event where Broughton displayed his gun, he attended a church sermon where the pastor prayed for the death of the President. Granted, a campaign picture hardly incriminates anyone, but, it’s getting harder and harder to deny that there is a segment within the electorate, and they seem to heavily favor Ron Paul and other Republicans, that seem more than willing to violently force their agenda upon us. Kokesh might only philosophically agree with his email writing fan. He might have simply posed in the picture with Broughton, but it’s clear that he’s doing a pretty unconvincing job of discouraging violence among his and Paul’s supporters.

In case you’re curious about the article that turned Kokesh into an Addicting Info non-fan, here it is. It’s called, 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Ron Paul. Interestingly, Kokesh named the wrong writer. He erroneously claimed it was written by Justin Rosario, when it was actually written (and very well-researched) by Summer Ludwig.

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