Cat Hung At Obama/Biden Sign – Prompts Visit From Law Enforcement

In another twist of fanatical conservative strangeness, for at least the second time this year a cat has found itself the victim of anti-progressive violence. Law enforcement is investigating what appears to be a threat made against President Obama in Longfellow Park in Southern Minneapolis. Longfellow Park is commonly used as a polling place and primary elections are being held there August 14th.

The Minnesota cat was found burned and staked to a tree in Longfellow Park next to an Obama campaign sign. You may recall a similar incident earlier this year in Russellville, Arkansas in which then Democratic Congressional Candidate Ken Aden’s campaign manager Jake Burris arrived home to find his families cat dead on his doorstep with the word “liberal” written across the length of its body.

While I don’t believe that cat lynching is condoned by the Republican National Committee, it is becoming clear that certain behaviors within the far right community appear to be becoming a trend. In light of the many threats made against President Obama by individuals attending events such as Tea Party rallies and now with a tragic trend of animal cruelty on the verge of spreading, it is up to each of us as responsible citizens to report any threat against our political leaders, either veiled or literal, to the proper authorities. For threats or hate speech made against President Obama reports should be directed to your nearest US Secret Service Field Office. Other such threats against local progressives should be reported to your local law enforcement agency. You can locate your nearest US Secret Service field office at the following link:

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