Breaking – Romney Makes ‘Birth Certificate’ Joke At Rally (VIDEO)

At a rally in Michigan today, Mitt Romney told the crowd, “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate” referencing the long discredited, Republican witch-hunt of the 2008 elections, when an especially desperate sub-section of the party convinced themselves that Barack Obama was not an American citizen. There are still a stubborn few of these so-called ‘Birthers’ left on the right, such as Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump who cling to their ‘Manchurian Candidate’ fantasies, in large part because the ‘main-stream’ Republicans have never condemned their ideas.

Mitt Romney’s use of this ‘joke’ was a deliberate dog-whistle to the most extreme elements of the conservative movement, poking the embers of the race-based of the ‘other’ that dwells in the heart of birtherism. A Romney spokesman quickly tried to remove the obvious context of the statement, saying, “only referencing that Michigan, where he is campaigning today, is the state where he was born and raised.”

Here’s the video:

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Romney is correct in asserting that no one has asked for his birth certificate; that’s mainly because Democrats and progressives have so many real concerns about Romney, they have no need to invent fantastical concerns involving spy-babies coming from other countries. Like how much money Romney has hidden in foreign countries, for instance.
As it stands right now, Barack Obama has supplied as many birth certificates as Mitt Romney has tax returns. And that’s no joke.
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