Power Grab At GOP – Romney Forces Through Rule Changes

On Friday the Republican National Convention Rules Committee put into place a new set of rules for the handling of future conventions. These new rules are designed to prevent another Ron Paul appearing in the future. These new rules put the final selection of delegates not into the states’ hands, nor even the voters’ hands, but in the hands of the candidate.

What would happen is that the state would select delegates as they do now, but then would submit those delegates to the candidate, who would be able to approve, or reject, any or all delegates, until ones are picked which meet approval. Now becoming a delegate will be at the discretion of the party bosses and elites, which means ultimately it will depend on the wealthy donors which control the Republican party. Perhaps to be a delegate will depend on how much money you have donated, which would be perfectly legitimate a basis for selection under these new rules.

In response the opponents of the new rule change will be bringing an amendment to the party floor which would not only kill the new rules, but make the primaries and caucuses bind their delegates proportionally to the vote. The amendment is scheduled for a floor vote on Monday.

Now with the cancellation of the Monday portion of the convention, this new amendment is now up in the air, and may not be put to a vote at all. If that happens, then it is possible that the Republican primary season in 2016 will be effectively an auction. I wonder how much Bachmann will go for?