Romney Disrespects Teacher, Tells Her ‘I Didn’t Ask You A Question’ (VIDEO)

You know, I thought I’d seen the depths of disgusting behavior Romney was capable of — outright dishonesty and lying, accusing people of freeloading when he pays less in taxes than the middle class, insulting wide swaths of the American electorate, attacking Obama for views he’s shared in the past (or now, or in the future; he doesn’t even know what he thinks) — but this might just take the cake. Mitt Romney, during a round table meeting with a teacher, apparently rudely told her, when she tried to speak, that “I didn’t ask you a question.”

Here’s the video of the teacher, identified as Cheryl from Craig, Colorado, explaining the experience and a partial transcript courtesy of Daily Kos:


When I was asked to speak with Mitt Romney it seemed like a very important thing to me, and I wanted to put a lot of careful thought into what I would say. So, I went to the round table discussion very optimistic and interested in hearing what he had to say.

When he sat down, one of the first questions he asked was, he said “I understand there is a teacher here today, which one of you is a teacher?”

So, I raised my hand, thinking that’s a good thing, he’s interested in education, but it wasn’t a good thing. I felt like his view was a little old-fashioned and I was surprised by it. He went on to kind of lecture me about schools and how bad they are. He talked bad about the teacher’s union. He was talking about the importance of private schools and voucher systems.

At one point, I said to him, “I have an answer for that.” And he said, “I didn’t ask you a question.”

While it’d likely be Cheryl’s word against Mitt’s, I already trust her more than him. “I did not become a teacher to become wealthy and powerful,” Cheryl says, “I became a teacher to make a difference.” Teachers of children are some of the most important and people in the country and theirs is an honorable position. This fits right in with what we know of Mitt Romney’s attitude: putting dogs on the roof and psychologically torturing gay teens doesn’t seem enough for him.


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