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  1. danny1120
    October 24, 2012

    The only thing more pathetic than trump, romney and ryan is the undecided numbskulls who still can’t make up their minds. There is no grey area here. The republican ticket are spineless pathological liars and the President is a man of integrity who is honestly trying to help make life better for all americans especially those who most need it. The reps think if they repeat the same lie over and over again it will somehow become true. This is a classic example of insanity. This attack on Obama by the right is similar to what they did to Clinton. A President who was similar to Obama in the sense that he was also trying to help those who most needed it. And the right decided to impeach him because of a lie over a sexual indiscretion. While on the other hand G. W. Bush lies to the whole world about a war he started and sent thousands of our young people to die for no good reason. And the right defends him. They are disgusting and vile people bent on perpetuating the control of our lives by the multinational corporations and the super wealthy.

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