If You’re Worried About Voter Suppression, This Might Be The Most Uplifting Video You See Today (VIDEO)

Let’s face it, voter suppression is happening, especially in swing states. In Ohio, the governor has decided to limit voting hours in African American districts, forcing the traditionally Democratic voters to wait in very long lines.

Comedian Andy Cobb of Second City decided to visit one such polling place in Cleveland and what he found was both frustrating and inspirational. On a cold November day, people are gathered together, determined to use the best weapon against voter suppression, their vote, and they’ve decided to have fun while standing in line. What we see is essentially a party. People are singing, dancing, jigging (which is dancing) and enjoying themselves, all in the name of democracy.

In a more white suburban neighborhood, the atmosphere was much less festive, but hey, with just a 10 minute wait, who has time to sing?

Here’s the video:


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