Girl Suspended For Being Raped, Attackers Kicked Out Of Drama Club

I wonder if it was a legitimate rape? Via Courthouse News:

DAYTON, Ohio (CN) – After two high school boys raped a girl on campus, the school suspended her for three days, while the boys’ only punishment was to be kicked out of drama club, the girl’s parent claim in Federal Court.

“On the afternoon of November 16, 2011, while waiting for drama club to begin, J.G. was sexually assaulted and raped by J.W. and D.W. in a storage closet at Trotwood-Madison High School,” the complaint states.

“After being attacked, J.G. reported the events to D.H. who was overseeing the drama club practice in the auditorium where the attack took place.
“D.H. drove J.G. home and failed to alert her parents that J.G. had been attacked at school.

“D.H. failed to immediately report the attack on J.G. to the public children’s services agency or the police department.”

Wow. They kicked the two boys out of the Drama Club.

In the United States, we have a system where people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unless you are a woman making an accusation of rape. Then it becomes “presumed lying unless there’s a video of the woman screaming and the woman has never dressed or done anything sexual in their entire life.” Even then, she’s usually blamed for “ruining” the lives of her attackers.

But even in America, it’s a little unusual for a school official or teacher to wait a day to report a suspected rape, not inform the parents, or even take the victim to a hospital. Can you guess what the two boys other extracurricular activities are? I’ll bet you can!

 The family claims that D.H. told only defendant Terry Logan, the school principal. They say that Logan “failed to appropriately discipline J.W. and G.W., removing them from their drama club but allowing them to remain on their sports teams.”

Ah, they’re jocks. Of course they are. I’ll bet money they’re not bench warmers either. Can’t let a little thing like rape get in the way of winning the big game, can we? That would be crazy!

In America’s rape culture, athletes are far more important than a traumatized girl. Even in high school. I can only imagine the statistics of covered up “rape by jock” incidents in colleges. They must be appalling. But that’s rape culture for you: if you get raped by someone the local community deems “important,” you should be prepared to be treated like a pariah for having the nerve to say something about it.

J.G. will be lucky if she sees a dime much less sees her attackers behind bars.

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