GOP Learns Lessons – Be Careful What You Wish For

Van Jones. Image from by

The GOP fought tooth and nail to block key people from public office. From Van Jones to Elizabeth Warren, the right-wing in this country has done everything in their power to remove people from positions as a sort of punishment for their popularity.

This has seriously bitten them in the posterior.

With Elizabeth Warren’s appointment to the Senate Banking Committee, the GOP and their Wall Street backers are now facing a scenario out of their nightmares. By denying her a position as head of the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection, they freed her to run for the U.S. Senate, defeating incumbent Senator Scott Brown in the past election. And now she is in a position of more authority to regulate banks than she would have been. The GOP got exactly what they wanted: someone else as head of the BCP. They, and the Wall Street bankers who lobbied the GOP in the first place, should celebrate that, thanks to their actions, Senator-elect Warren is now in this position. Way to go.

And look at Van Jones, demonized by the right for his positions from years past. He was little more than a switchboard operator for companies seeking access to the new environmentally friendly programs being set up by the administration. Once he was forced out, his organizational abilities turned from green companies to political activism, helping to set up the Rebuild the Dream foundation, which was pivotal in President Obama’s re-election success.

The Republicans on Capitol Hill, along with their Wall Street backers, got everything they wanted. And as a result, they now are in a worse place than they would have been otherwise. Partisan fights and obstructionism never work. Instead, now the “Grand Old Party” holds a tenuous grip on power only through gerrymandering and bigotry, fearing the future. And they should, with the changing demographics all but ensuring that the party becomes a regional party with a permanent minority.