Obama Rushes To DC For Fiscal Cliff Talks, House GOP Stays On Vacation

As President Barack Obama cuts his holiday vacation short and flies back to Washington, DC in hope of hammering out a last minute deal to avoid the looming fiscal cliff, GOP House members have no intention of returning any time soon. According to NBC News’ Frank Thorp and Mark Murray, House Republicans don’t have any plans to return before the year’s end.

According to House Republican leadership aides, House GOP leaders have not yet called their members back to Washington D.C., and WILL NOT be in session tomorrow for legislative business. According to one GOP aide, “It’s up to Senate Democrats to act right now.”

Apparently, these unspecified “House GOP leaders” also announced that they would give representatives 48 hours’ notice if they needed to return to the Capitol. Since, as of 7:02 p.m. EST on Wednesday December 26th, our Republican congresspeople have not yet been summoned, negotiations can resume no earlier than Monday, December 31st. So much for getting a budget deal done by the end of the year.

On Election Day, Barack Obama received a clear mandate from voters to enact fair tax policies that require wealthy Americans to pay their share towards reducing the federal deficit. So will these obstructive, do-nothing congressfolk face the dire consequences from angry voters bearing torches and pitchforks? That would make sense given that a recent poll predicts that at least 53% of the public is likely to blame the GOP if a deal fails to take shape, but no dice. Thanks to the ridiculously gerrymandered districts recently redrawn by Republicans, they’re more likely to face delighted constituents egging them on.

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